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Counting down the days...

Okay, here's a real entry, as there's 15 minutes to kill before I can leave work.

Asda shop last night wasn't as painful as anticipated. The carpark was rammed, but the store itself wasn't too bad. We managed to spend just under £120 just on the Christmas stuff, but about half of that was on booze which will last hopefully longer than the festive period: a box of wine, a bottle of Smirnoff, and a bottle of port for Paul for Christmas, which I'm going to wrap at some point before the day. Because, well, it's a present, innit.

We got a very nice looking beef joint for Christmas dinner which was about £8.00 (which is reasonable, for beef...) and absolutely tonnes of veggies to go with it, plus various bottles of nice juice and Schloer, that staple of Christmas. ;)

I also made a start on my hand-made card last night, for the competition (of sorts) on Christmas Eve. A few people seem to have made them out of office supplies (printer paper, staples) but Marie didn't expressly state we had to do that, so I don't consider it cheating to use the coloured card I bought to make Christmas cards two years ago and didn't due to creativity failure. Besides which, I'm far too competitive for my own good and, despite only remembering about it yesterday, am now in it to WIN! :P So far, so good, if a little rough and ready. I'll post photos tomorrow - would post a scan, but it's a pop-up card. :D I also would have finished it last night, but had to wait for the glitter-glue to dry.

We're going to Paul's mum's tonight so hopefully I'll have time to finish it when we get back... I just need to finish the 'tree' inside and embellish with copious glitter, hopefully without getting it into the carpet this time. Um. Also need to find my posh silver / gold pens, as they've gone AWOL from the craft box.

I'm meant to take the recycling home tonight, but collection day - normally Friday - falls on Boxing Day and I'm not sure if they're actually collecting. Paul and I will have more than enough recycling of our own over Christmas without adding work's collection of milk cartons and bottles, so it can wait until next week...

Right, that killed 10 minutes.

If I don't post again before Christmas (which, let's face it, is doubtful), then I wish everyone a very merry one indeed. But not so merry as to cause awful hangovers. ;)
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