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40 Questions Meme

Stolen from midnight__gypsy, because I am bored. There's been nowt to do here since about 10.30. JOY.

1. When you are getting physical with someone, do you prefer to be dominant or submissive?
I don't really have a preference...

2. With your current razor, do you get a good, clean shave?
I suppose so. As it's winter, I'm only using it occasionally. :P

3. Describe your favorite pair of underwear?
I have some turquoise pants with gold stripes, they're quite cool. And comfy.

4. What are your thoughts on God?
That if he really existed, he would smite all the bad people and end all wars and suffering. You can see why I'm sceptical. :P (I'm waiting on Westboro's inevitable "God Hates Obama" drive, as it can only be a matter of time...)

5. Do you prefer vampires or werewolves?

6. Have you ever been 'hot for teacher?'

7. Do you ever watch kids' channels (Nick, Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, etc.)?
I used to watch Nick back when it was still Nickelodeon, and Vicky and I watched quite a bit of Disney Channel whilst on holiday. I find the majority of kids' TV these days to be WEIRD, more than anything else. (I'm waiting on a full-series Duckula boxset, though... :D)

8. What is your favorite scent as far as perfume/cologne/body spray/whatever you use?
Pretty much anything by Nina Ricci. I need more of the Belles des Ricci "Liberty Fizz" before it all disappears off eBay, same with that bloody Escada one...

9. If you could buy one very expensive item right now, what would it be?
The Creative Mozaic MP3-player... it's coming down in price slowly.

10. How long is your longest relationship?
This one. It'll be four years in April.

11. How long is your shortest relationship?
Three months. Or about 10 minutes, if you count me agreeing to go out with Lloyd before him telling me he was going out with someone else. :P (That was a LONG time ago.)

12. Is there a song that reminds you of your significant other?
"So Pure" by Alanis Morrisette. "Beautiful Disaster" by Kelly Clarkson, also.

13. Are your eyebrows in need of a wax/pluck?
I have never plucked them and don't intend to start now.

14. How old were you when you started to shave?
16, I think.

15. What is your favorite breed of dog?
I like Labradors, though I'm not really a dog person.

16. Was your last kiss long and passionate or short and sweet?
Short and sweet, saying goodbye to Paul this morning.

17. What color is your phone?

18. Do you prefer your hair long or short?
I prefer it short in terms of being low-maintenance, though I enjoyed it being mid-length when I was straightening it...

19. Do you consider yourself smart?
Compared to quite a few people, I would say yes. I Know Things beyond my years, and am full of pointless information. In certain areas I am quite dumb, such as politics and sport. (Although I don't necessarily consider knowing sport trivia to be 'clever'...)

20. Do you like incense?
Yes. I should use more, especially as the flat always smells weird.

21. Do you know anyone who has had their life changed by a drunk driver?
No, thankfully.

22. Have you ever written a poem outside of school?
Yeah, unfortunately.

23. Have you ever sold your old clothes?
Nope, I just give them to charity shops or friends.

24. Would you consider yourself a poor loser?
I can be quite competitive, but I will accept losing if the game has been fair and well-fought.

25. Does air travel make you nervous?
No, I love it. :) I enjoy most forms of travel, actually, save buses.

26. Do you like gore films?
I think 'like' is too strong a term... I watch them through my fingers, usually. The only horror films I'll see at the cinema are the Saw films, after my experiences at The Grudge and The Descent... I enjoy horror films in the comfort of my own living room, as there's less of a complete sensory overload, and the option of a pause button. ;)

27. Do you prefer milkshakes or smoothies?
Smoothies, though I like McDonald's milkshakes...

28. Do you know how to properly use chopsticks?
Kind of, but I'm slow and my hand starts to cramp after a while.

29. Did you have animal slippers as a young child?
Quite possibly... I had some brilliant slippers at Uni which were shaped like gigantic pointy-toed Arabian shoes. :D

30. Do you look good in hats?
Actually, yes. I have a hat-shaped face.

31. Do you look good in sunglasses?
I've only ever worn them on holiday and they have to be prescription, but I would think so, because I wear glasses all the time anyway.

32. Do you prefer bright or soft colors?

33. Do you ever watch indie films?

34. Are you good at sharing?
Usually, yes...

35. Do you get stage fright?
Not so much in choirs because there are so many of us, but if I'm doing anything solo (singing / talking / whatever) then yes.

36. Is there a television show that you look forward to every week?
Whatever I happen to be watching at the time. There's nothing on presently. Impatiently awaiting season 3 of Ugly Betty as we are now about half a series behind the US. :(

37. What was the last thing you watched on television?
Um... we watched 1408 on Monday night, that was quite good...

38. Has anyone ever been freakishly obsessed with you?
Not as far as I know....

39. Do you have a diary/journal?
I have my LiveJournal and I have a paper diary which has been a bit neglected lately, as I go through phases of not writing stuff down... I also have a notebook by the bed for putting my dreams in when I wake up, except I tend to forget to use it.

40. Would you go into shark infested water in a protective cage?
Eh, why not...
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