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Incredibly Long-Overdue Embroidery Update

I... actually had an X-Files episode write-up to put here, but I left it at work. So here are my very long overdue embroidery pictures instead...

First of all, something a bit different from my main project: Vickie bought me three mini kits for Christmas and I did two of them whilst I was on leave (although I'd forgotten about the third one, as it transpired, and only found it at the weekend when we were tidying up - I'll save it until next Christmas now.)

And now for the big update on t'other one...

This finishes off page 2 of the design.

And page 3 done. :) (The big sections of black are so bloody tedious, not to mention hard work on black aida...)

Aaand finally, progress on page 4.

The thing I always forget with this design is that it actually grows pretty quickly once I have a good run at it, but I get daunted by the fiddly "confetti" stitches that make up the shading. :P

Anyway, there we go. Page 4 is actually nearly done now, which means I'm almost halfway through. :D

I will post X-Files episode 3 thoughts on the morrow.

PS: New icon!


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(Deleted comment)
Feb. 24th, 2016 12:19 pm (UTC)
Inorite? I am constantly surprised by the level of detail myself whenever I step back from it. Also the light I have to use is so bright that I can't see the colour subtleties until I look at it from a distance.

I might post a scan/picture of the blank design before I start page 5 so you can see how fiddly it is. :P
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