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right. definitely going to try and get up earlier...

dreams you have in the early afternoon are never, ever coherent. and if they are, they never exactly make much sense...

this afternoon's effort, boys and girls:

it seemed to follow on from the dream i was having before i re-woke up at 12.00 (having already woken up at 10.00 and decided this was too early) which i barely remember, but it had a similar sort of atmosphere to it. i was in a hotel or office block or something... anyway, there were lots of people there.

and then. for some bizarre reason. faith brown appears, decked out like norma desmond a la gloria swanson. and naturally, i'm the only one that seems to have realised this.

so i chase her down the stairs and it turns out we're at my university. i manage to attract her attention and somehow she's remembered me (*ahem* yes, i was the babbling idiotic one...) and then she's teaching me how to do the 'salome' hand gestures... all very strange.

she's in a rush (i never figure out why) so i say "oh, i'll be at the last show in october, i'll see you there" and she's all "oh, no, you didn't spend more money, did you?" or something... and then calls me back in that "don't-think-you're-getting-off-that-lightly" way (everyone always says she's like a mum to people!) and proceeds to tell me that her grandchildren or possibly neice and nephew, i forget which, are in the building.

quite why they would be in my unversity, i don't know, but anyway, they are, and they appear coming out of waterstones, and she waits to see if they'll recognise her. she's still, remember, decked out as norma desmond a la gloria swanson...

they do. she has a brief conversation with them and then introduces me...

and then erica started yelling in the corridor and woke me up again...

all. very. odd.

oh, and i also managed to remember the dream i had the day before, too. you know how you don't remember a dream til you lie down again and then the entire thing just comes flooding back? well, it happened when i went to bed last night. i couldn't be bothered writing it down, so here's what i remember...

it appeared to be my wedding. that, in itself, is bizarre enough. the weird thing was (and this seems to happen in nearly every dream i have that involves me having a wedding; they're not that frequent, but i've had a couple of them) i had absolutely no idea who the groom was. i mean, obviously in the dream reality, i did... but in real life, in the sort of semi-conscious logical part that goes along with the dream, i hadn't got a clue. in fact, he wasn't even in it.

but lots of other people were, as guests. aisha, i remember especially, was being very supportive and giving me lots of hugs, and crystal and rachel briefly appeared on their way into the reception but didn't say anything. i'm not going to start reading anything into the state of my friendships based on it, but it's certainly interesting... and i know pretty much everybody else was there.

and i vaguely recall a section with my mum where we were trying to get to the wedding and kept running into problems...

that's about all i remember. oh, and that i was wearing cream. like that's ever going to happen. i'm marrying in red and black or i'm not marrying at all ;)

however, i can't help but wonder what this whole 'not-knowing/seeing-the-groom' thing means... i'm not going to delve into that, either. i'm too frelling tired...
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