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*breathes out*

right... i'm back.

why is it, i'm online practically all day every day and both the beeb message board AND the blvd board are completely dead, and i go home for the weekend, and when i get back, they've both exploded with messages??

*heavy sigh*

anyway. i would just like to say that virgin trains are the transport of the devil. unless you've pre-booked a seat, it's physically impossible to sit down, and for some reason, there are always about 500 people trying to get from birmingham to derby (or edinburgh, or somewhere on that route) at the exact same time as me on a sunday evening...

and people wonder why i'm antisocial... ugh...

yargh. revision bad... am reaching that stage where i just want to bash my head into the desk repeatedly...
Tags: annoyances: public transport, university
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