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friends and fellow obsessionals...

god bless you all!

feeling *so* much better now. i phoned angela because a) i promised chorus updates and now seemed as good a time as any, b) i needed to rant c) i needed to obsess and d) i had to find out how she was doing, etc. and now, thanks to the joys of cheap (ish) phone calls, phantom of the opera, and general good advice about not to give up on chorus (i was considering it, now i have a little more motivation not to) i am a lot happier.

angela rocks :) so do all my friends, for that matter. i shall now be irritating and poignant just to annoy you all - i'd like to thank each and every one of you for being great and knowing just how to cheer me up. you guys are the best, all of you, on and offline :)

okay, you can come out now...
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