T'eyla Minh (teylaminh) wrote,
T'eyla Minh

and while i'm on the subject of families...

more ranting on my father... because i can.

he has acquired a lady friend who lives near new york. he thinks this makes him very cool in the world of the internet. i should show him my AIM buddy list. i should then show him the amount of people on there that know me better than him...

said lady friend phones him occasionally. she wants him to visit her. she lives in a huge bloody house on a lake, of which i have seen a picture, that she designed herself when her old one got completely destroyed in a hurricane (i think.)


he's all set to go see her. for our family (all sides of it), travel to america has always been something 'the rich people' do, because we simply can't afford it. suddenly, he's willing to fork out £300 for a ticket to go see this woman in america. which no doubt means yours truly gets screwed out of yet another child support payment cheque or fifteen.

for me, travel to america has always been far beyond my wildest dreams. and now, it's The Dream, the one ambition - to get there, off my own bat, having earnt it and got there on my own, no matter how i do it. the main point being that i can get away from my bloody insane family. my father and grandmother are treating this whole "going to see the lady in america" situation very, well, childishly. they haven't considered visas, for a start. they're adamant they're going to live there. and they want me to go with them. oh, sure, are they gonna pay for my plane ticket?

it annoys me. it almost feels as though they're making fun of me. they're not. but it feels like that. or they're mocking me... "oh, look, i can go to america and meet my friend and you can't." i can't really explain it. it feels like... they're making everything i've aspired to since i was about 12 seem completely farcical and pointless...

but i swear if they mention it one more time i'm going to scream.

if i end up living in a box, you'll all know why.
Tags: annoyances: people, family
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