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*bashes head into desk. repeatedly*

**24 days to go!**

(Is I typed this, it was 3.15 am...)

Y'know, sometimes, I really hate my computer…

My "Cradle" fic, a mighty epic of 59,700 words (yes, you heard me) and 18 chapters long and counting, was suddenly doing odd things. I tried to save it. It told me I couldn't because it was forbidden. I went to my zip folder to check. It was nowhere to be found…

We all know that when something is deleted from a Zip, it's gone forever… but, how, precisely, did I manage to delete it while the goddamn file was open??? Thus meaning, upon closing, that the fic I have been working on all summer has disappeared...

Needless to say, I spent a good few seconds staring at the screen in disbelief and muttering random curses… curses, I might add, that I don't usually say… Luckily, I have every chapter saved on a floppy from when I uploaded it to FFN, so tomorrow I must transfer them all to a new file and start over… which is still probably quicker than trying to get it off the internet, and I don't have to wait until after 6pm to do so…

*head-->desk. repeat as necessary.* Bloody hell… why do these things happen?!

I shall proceed to glare at my computer until I can get it fixed. The soundcard is frelled, for starters - it refuses to play any music of any of my games; it is now refusing to open dos from windows in any form, be that restarting in dos, using a dos prompt, or using dos through games that use it… which is most irritating because most of my old games need dos to even install, and I'm bored, goddammit… And now it's randomly deleting files… which means I have to make bloody backups, just in case… Christ

I'm going to bed now…

[ADDENDUM several hours later - okay, so my computer is an evil bastard… it deleted the damn thing twice this morning, telling me there was a 'permission error'… presumably (and hopefully) it's only because the damn thing's so huge, so I've split it into two halves and they seem to be fine. I've also made about four backup copies on my hard drive… I also had to clear off my zip disc because it was full, so maybe that'll help, too…]
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