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the end of an era.

i realised something. of those of us who were KEVIHS gals, there are none of us left there. from the first to the last, there are none of us left.

this scares me, in a sense. before, i had at least someone still at school to let me know how things had changed and how much things stayed the same, even though my opinion on staff and methods and everything does tend to differ. that little piece of my past was still in my present; i was living somewhat vicariously, through my friends, a life i didn't really want to leave behind.

and i know i should move on. but i'm bad at moving on. i can't just shove seven years of my life into a corner of my mind, when those seven years, and the people i met, and the things i learnt, have shaped who i am today. just like i can still remember the key moments of primary school, the defining aspects, the teachers who were such an influence, because without them, i wouldn't have had KEVIHS in the first place.

i owe that school a lot, for what it gave me - friends, a good education, the chance to sing in so many wonderful things, albeit only for a couple of years, and an outlook on life where i feel that i can make something of myself one day.

and suddenly, it's gone, quite literally, because we've all left it behind now. is this a sign i should move on? probably. am i going to? probably not.

and so we all embark on new journeys. some of us are starting a-levels; others are starting university; i managed to reach my second year this time. the end of one journey and the beginning of another, and, very much, the end of an era indeed...
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