T'eyla Minh (teylaminh) wrote,
T'eyla Minh

first of all...

remember i said i was refurbishing the doll's house?

well, here's the photos to prove it...

and now, for the ones you've all (well, okay, three of you) been waiting for:

the sunset boulevard photos! all - count 'em! - six of them ;)

(and i'm stupid and forgot to scan the programme, so that'll come later...)

here's eve, me, and lloyd, holding our programmes and sweet's while she took the picture. (notice how mine is the biggest :P)

i think this is the next one chronologically. that's me hovering nervously waiting for people, so i assume it's one of the first. this was, of course, taken outside at the stage door. the person just behind me is nancy, someone from the board who i've spoken to a couple of times online...

ha! fangirls! me and lloyd (and the infamous plant!), taken when jeremy turned his back to us and we started giggling. and just in the bottom right corner is his huge bag...

eve! (don't hurt me for putting up, hun...) eve, in fact, looking as though she wonders what the frell she let herself in for...

and, of course, i couldn't let you not see this: the proof that i did, in fact, meet jeremy. and there he is. and, you know, if carla hadn't told me he was gay, i really wouldn't have guessed until i saw the picture. lovin' the shiny shirt ;) (and he's holding an umbrella. actually, most of the damn cast seemed to be holding the same umbrella... weird.)

and finally... me, lloyd, and sweet, at about 1am in the hotel room. i'm surprised this came out, since it was the very last one on the film. or that might have been another one....

yay photos!!
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