T'eyla Minh (teylaminh) wrote,
T'eyla Minh

more. sorta.

this time, faith brown didn't kill my scanner. ;)

this is ceri ann gregory (no, you'd never guess), playing betty schaefer, and she's not signed. i don't know where she was, to be honest. hiding behind one of the orchestra, maybe. anyway. i met her last time and she was lovely. and very welsh.

next, michael bauer (max), signed :)

and jeremy. these get gradually bigger as they go along. michael and ceri ann were on a page together, then jeremy and faith had a page each (of course) - and he's got smaller handwriting...

but then, i don't think it's possible to have bigger handwriting... faith brown. looking nothing like herself in the picture, but she never does... she seems, aptly enough, to be a woman of many faces... (as i will prove when i get the souvenir brochure signed)

all done :)
Tags: celebrities: faith brown, celebrities: jeremy finch, fandom: sunset boulevard, photos & pictures
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