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on becoming eponine...

my costume is nearly completed, friends...

i have the shirt, minus sleeves.

i have the coat

i have the hat (yay hat!)

naomi has the boots which i shall borrow.

and all that remains is the making of the skirt and the cutting up of strange leatherette fabric to make a belt...

hurrah for dressing up for halloween! (by the way, if i start singing 'on my own' tomorrow night, someone please stop me... i don't want to be that in character :P)

and i forgot to mention that i watched 'roman holiday' yesterday (or did i? i don't remember... don't think i mentioned it...) and it was a very good film indeed. audrey hepburn as a british princess circa 1953 was incredibly odd as she looked like she should have been russian. anastasia, or something. but anyway, it was all very amusing.

i'm dreading watching 'sabrina fair' and 'paris when it sizzles', for fear that i won't be able to stop sniggering, seeing as they've both got william holden in them. and as if that wasn't bad enough, gregory peck's character in 'roman holiday' was called joe... *rolls eyes*

one day i'm going to learn to control the Muses. one day...

anyway, that's about it. i came online to ask naomi if i'm still supposed to arrive randomly at 3 tomorrow but she's not online, so... i'll be going away again now. ;)
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