T'eyla Minh (teylaminh) wrote,
T'eyla Minh

today's peeves:

1) boots. at christmas. on friday. it's officially hell on earth. especially when you're trying to get a prescription. and, you see, in derby we have this huge boots, which is quite useful, but could i find the toothpaste? could i frell...

2) everyone else having the same idea and going shopping on friday because they think it'll be less crowded and then, obviously, it's not.

3) now, see, if women designed the packaging for feminine hygiene products, they would not be bright cerise pink so it's obvious to the world and his dog what you're buying. no. on the contrary. they would be a nice indiscrete white with tiny lettering on. or better, they'd be disguised as something else...

4) on the news this morning - they're dismantling wembley stadium, two towers and all. but, oh, wait, they're saving the crowns on the top. there goes another landmark. what's next? big ben loses its penny and ends up on second off time so they dismantle it for a nice new digital one? (talking of which, does anyone know if they're still going to knock down the rotunda? i never actually figured out if the petition got anywhere...)

blah. however, i did manage to get my essay handed in...
Tags: annoyances: people, annoyances: shopping
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