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christmas, new year, et al.

firstly, an apology - i'm a silly skint person, so have not given any presents that are not homemade and/or free. hence i feel horrible when nice people like you give me three 'scapegeek presents. (thank you, by the way...)

therefore, you and eve will be getting things, if only because i've suddenly thought what to get you.

you, you and you have received various online things, mainly in the form of crappy skewiff cyber-lava-lamps. one day i'll have the money to buy you real ones ;)

so, yes. that's that.

christmas eve eve and christmas eve had to be spent in the company of my grandmother and father, but it was almost bearable. the former of the two days, i spent fighting 100 berry-shaped christmas lights, a fake tree, and the cat, while attempting to make the living room look festive. the tree's on a cant. ah well.

we have a digital camera, and there may be interestingly odd wintery pictures for your delectation when i figure out how it works and when it stops raining long enough for me to take it outside...

money-takings - £20 off my grandmother and £50 off my dad, and £30 of that is going on new trainers, the rest will be invested. roll on january and student loan. although i still won't be in credit, probably. except by about £100 or so...

oh, and many thanks to eve for the book :) i shall become a professional ghost hunter! whee!

and i'm going to amazon to set up a wishlist at some point, because it'll probably be advantageous...

i think that's about everything. yay for the fact that 'some like it hot' is on tonight and i can finally watch it, as much you all...
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