T'eyla Minh (teylaminh) wrote,
T'eyla Minh

just thought i'd share this because i'm proud of it...

i made katie a CD in response to the tape she made for me, which includes about two thing she asked for, and a load of other stuff i'm just inflicting on her :) this is the ohsopretty cover i made, and i'm quite impressed that it worked to a reasonable degree... here goes two hours worth of photoshopping...

~ top left corner - composite thing from the cover of madonna's 'beautiful stranger'
~ top middleish - similar shoved-about-a-bit composite for 'the dreamstone'
~ top right corner - beetlejuice's head ;)
~ banner - snippets from catatonia covers: crai EPs 93/94; way beyond blue; international velvet; equally cursed and blessed; paper scissors stone; mulder & scully japanese import single (it was a very specific song that i hadn't got :P)
~ "katie's special CD!" - self explanatory :)
~ bottom left corner - labyrinth composite of logo and jareth
~ bottom middle - composite of front and back of booklet of dido's 'no angel' album
~ bottom right corner - cats composite. shoved-about-a-bit and rotated...

and i should've been revising. never mind. when i've recovered from farscape :)
Tags: craftiness, photos & pictures
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