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A whistle-stop tour of 2002 - January to April.

This is probably slightly late, but I thought I'd recount the past year, month by month, by specifically important events that happened to me, or just things that didn't seem so huge at the time, but made a big difference later on. I'll go through this using my livejournal calendar and link to appropriate entries... (if livejournal will co-operate long enough for me to do so...)

On the 16th, or thereabouts, I was nominated in the "Farscape" fanfic awards. I didn't win, but then, I knew I wouldn't. The point was, a couple of people finally thought I was good enough to try, and it was lovely. Over this year, my writing has improved a lot - I have fics archived in so many places, I've lost count, and, at one point, was even approached by the publisher of Unicorn fanzines to ask if they could use my 'scapefics. (She never got back to me, but anyway...) I think I could probably count on two hands the amount of days last year that I didn't write something... compared to before, I'm writing practically non-stop, simply because I can. And it's thanks to the support of lovely people like Eve and Sweet that I keep right on doing it.

And I promised myself this wouldn't be a gush, so I'll try and refrain from going soppy... :)

It was also during January that the situation with my computer affecting ITV started getting just slightly annoying.

On the 29th I got news of "Cats" closing in the West End, and it was a particuarly poignant moment for me. (See entry under May for my long-promised eulogy...)

January was also the month that Naomi initiated herself accidentally in the frightening universe of the Scapers, and, as a result, saved our friendship from oblivion simply by having something we could both geek over. We're still converting each other to this day :D

February was the month I started getting to know Lloyd better, by way of constant train journeys back to Birmingham to go 'for a drink' at the Briar Rose. No, I never anticipated we would end up trying to out-argue/kill each other on a regular basis, either ;) 2002, for me, like 2001 before it, was all about making new friends. Lloyd was the first of the year. And, I guess, Eve, although she was more December. I think we had our first 2am in 2002, though, so it counts.

The 27th was a day of extreme pain, being the day I went flying when running for the bus. Significant only in the fact that my body hasn't been the same since, and I know get cramp in BOTH feet instead of just my right. *sigh* One day I'll have a full physical checkup.

The 9th was the first time I met Eve in person. And I've met her twice since - Sunset Boulevard in September, and for another concert in November. Every time I meet her, no matter how much we might irritate each other online sometimes (I'm sure I'm annoying. I must be with all my ranting about Spike :P) I remember how nice she really is, and how lucky I am to actually have a friend like Eve. And this was a friendship borne entirely from writing, because I offered to beta for her. Amazing where an offer like that will get you (ditto, Sweet...)

The 13th is significant for the first of the many parody ideas... ye gods.

The 23rd (entry for 24th) was the day of Lloyd's 21st birthday party. The night I learnt to dance. Sorta. And Lloyd, you did steal my shoe...

On the 1st, although I didn't know it at the time, watching a hitherto unknown-to-me movie by the name of Sunset Boulevard changed my life. All right, so that's probably hyperbole. Nevertheless, when I saw the show on the 5th, and from that moment on, I was obsessed before I had time to work out what was happening. The characters and their unfortunate existences had infiltrated my brain like no other. And after the show, especially, I got it, somehow. Something about Sunset appealed to some inner part of me that I didn't know I had; I still don't know what. And apart from that, three times over, I sat through the most intense experience of my life, and because of it, I met wonderful people (famous or otherwise.) Who knew?

Of course, it took me until the 25th to realise I was, in fact, obsessed...

That's a third of the year done. My brain's starting to ache, and LJ also has a word limit, so I'll do the next third tomorrow...
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