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2002 - June to August

Next three months. Here we go.

June was the month of Exciting Things, although more by luck than judgement. Firstly, the 21st to the 23rd was the now-infamous SFX Event up in Blackpool, which I attended with Shilpa, and her friends Heidi and Sarah. As mentioned, 2002 was a year of making new friends and meeting new acquaintances, and the four of us shared some unforgettable experiences for the brief time we were there. The write-up, to save me going through it all again, is here. But nevertheless, I got to meet some more truly lovely (in more ways than one *grin*) people in the form of Paul Goddard (Stark), Alex 'Sid' Siddig (Bashir), and James Marsters (Spike), amongst others. And I think "He hugged me twice *biggrin* " is going to be another of my catchphrases for a long time. There is really nothing quite like the feeling, however, of being in a room full of 3000 people just like you. Especially if, like me, you tend to despise people in general, and the idea of 3000 people anywhere sounds like Hell. It's not. A room full of geeks has such a fabulous vibe about it... where everyone in the room is connected in some way to the generalised geekosity that is Buffy, or Farscape, or Star Trek, or any of them. It was just 3000 people who understood each other's passions, and that's a very rare thing indeed.

The Con, incidentally, was what sparked my newly found obsessive interest in Buffy, and my doubtless irritating addiction to a certain blond vampire...

Immediately after that was my holiday (and 21st birthday present, early) to the new Disney Studios at EuroDisney, and Paris. It was three days of being generally giggly, obsessive, and incredibly over-emotional in the wake of the convention. But I think, on reflection, that only made it better. The state of mind I was in - my brain going fifteen to the dozen and in seven directions at once - meant that everything was heightened. Disney seemed more real. It was like being in a backlot. For a few seconds, I was in a movie; I was black and white, in fact, only to find the multicoloured reality rather a let down.

Therefore, when I got to Paris, itinerary in mind, even though I was hot and tired and far too emotional to be allowed out on the streets of any city, thank you very much, it was so much better than I could have imagined. The Eiffel Tower was doubly impressive. The view was like flying. The Moulin Rouge was a beacon in the haze of sex shops and neon that is Monmatre. Notre Dame and the Arc de Triomphe were little pieces of history in a modernised world. And as for the Opéra...

I came to Paris with two destinations in mind - the Eiffel Tower, and the Opéra, and, to some degree, the Moulin Rouge. Everything else was just a bonus. I'd read up about the Opéra. I'd seen photos and floorplans and sketches, and shots of the interior I have yet to see for real (but one day...) None of these things could have ever prepared me for the real thing. It was just... vast. So much huger than I ever imagined it would be. Everything about it oozed over-sentimentality - the golden angels, the green of the roof, the gates, the facade... But that just makes it all the more amazing as a structure. I stood at the top of the stairs of the Metro station, aghast, for what felt like hours, but was only a few seconds. I walked the perimeter of the gates in a state of perpetual awe. It was, without a doubt, one of the singular most amazing moments of my entire life.

Talking of over-sentimentality, I'd better move on to the next month ;)

This month was uneventful, really. I suppose the only significant thing was the beginning of my silent battle against my father. Oh, and the start of what would soon become an epic beyond anything I anticipated, when I started writing "Cradle"...

In August, I started renovating the doll's house. Also, I started getting gradually more addicted to Buffy thanks to Sky One repeated it on a daily basis. Oh, and there was KittenSpike, too :)

And I acquired a typewriter.

So, really, June was the only exciting month that third. Next third coming tomorrow... I apologise for the copiousness of this and the previous post. I got slightly carried away ;)
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