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let's see if i can remember this...

dream. last night. very bizarre...

i've forgotten most of it, but it had a plot, i think. something vaguely murder mystery-ish. definitely something being investigated. anyway, what i remember, there was this family (in which i played two different characters, but that's nothing new. my subconscious likes variety, or something...) and they started out as a reasonably happy family. i think the parents were... betrothed. or something. or they ended up getting married by default, like a 'backup' thing. i recall that they were definitely friends and did at least like each other but not love each other, and that it was supposed to come later. and that both their families were adamant about it. very odd. anyway, they had a daughter...

and then it starts getting just plainly weird. the father person was gone. under suspicious circumstances. and the mother and daughter were... dead. only... they weren't. they were dead but they were alive, like... vampires, that sort of 'undead' thing... only they weren't vampires, they were... um... corpses. sort of. if anyone's seen "the mummy" (the new one with rachel weisz and brendan fraser and john hannah. you know the one i mean) - they looked sort of like imhotep before he got the rest of his body - sort of dried muscle tissue with bones visible underneath. and the daughter had these huge, blue anime-eyes, and short, dark brown, bobbed hair, pulled back into a little pony-tail. so yeah. that was the bizarre bit. and everyone thought the father had killed them, i think...

and oh! i think they had a pet. a dog, or possibly a cat, and that was 'undead', too. and outside their house it was rainy and dark and scary.

and then there was something completely unrelated and random where i was crossing the wolverhampton road by my house (obviously i was trying to get to dudley on the bus because the bus to town goes the other way and doesn't need me to cross the road...) and there was this old man crossing a few feet away from me (there's no crossing) - and the further along we got, the deeper the snow was... and he was clearing it away, sort of disgruntled, and i was just walking through it. most bizarre.

anyway, as i said, the bit with the weird family did have a plot, but i forgot it almost as soon as i woke up, and only the residual images remain...
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