T'eyla Minh (teylaminh) wrote,
T'eyla Minh


i am going to see little shop of horrors. february 1st. no idea where i'm sitting next as i'm waiting for him to get back to me about it. i need to practice my question before i succumb to the oh-my-god incoherence again. i doubt i can get away with random gesticulations twice over...

so, we shall see the show. we shall promptly leg it to the (previously found, of course) stage door, for several reasons: a) jeremy is always first to leave, as i have learnt. b) it's a matinee, they're going to want their lunch or something... c) we, um, kinda have to get home at some point that day...

then, upon his arrival/leaving/whatever you want to call it, i shall position myself immovably in his path (or, um, try to, if i haven't already dissolved into a babbling pool of goo... god, this is going to be hideous...) whereby i shall attempt to say the following:

"you probably don't remember me. you might remember him *indicating lloyd*. we were those two really giggly annoying ones. anyway, [insert random compliments about show, attempt not to gush and/or ramble.] i have a question. this has been bugging me since may last year. *pausing for the look of terror to pass...* i, um, sent you something. in the post. you and faith brown. [at this point, i have two options. if i receive a blank stare, i give up and go home. if i receive vague recognition, i will persevere.] just... wondering if you read it... um..."

and that's going to have to be as coherent as i get. it'll end up turning into something monosyllabic and splurgy, but, hey, it's worth a try.

and one day, i'm going to kill my sodding hormones. i'm going to hit them very hard with a very long, heavy stick, and then i will be able to see something without a) getting obsessed or b) falling for the lead guy. (every time. i swear...)

*sigh* doubtless there'll be a writeup when i've been...
Tags: celebrities: jeremy finch
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