T'eyla Minh (teylaminh) wrote,
T'eyla Minh

my day-trip...

okay, so i came home with the inhaler that was nearly empty instead of the one that was full... which was stupid of me... and, having decided there was no way i could survive til next sunday without it, i decided to go up to derby on the train to pick it up. i'd also forgotten my phone charger, and thought i'd pick up the photoshop CD while i was at it, and get my timetable for next semester to save getting it on monday morning in a mad rush...

so, 11.20 or thereabouts, off i trotted to the bus stop... and finally got on a bus 40 minutes later. and of course two of them turned up at once. sodding 126 service... anyway, got onto a train more or less immediately. one good thing about it not stopping at tamworth any more (although not for anyone wanting to go there, obviously) is that it shaves about 10 minutes off the journey...

anyway, i got to derby. and realised i'd forgotten a pen with which to write down said timetable. oh, well, i figured, i can text it to myself (hey, it works...)

got to uni. phone battery had run down (thanks a lot, lloyd...) luckily, at that moment, mary mcnally (lecturer) appeared out of her office and spotted me, assuming i'd come to find out coursework results. i hadn't, but she told me anyway, and lent me a pen and paper to get my timetable down ;) (the appallingly horribly evil C17th literature coursework, upon which i was tempted to put an apology because it seemed so awful, i got a B for. impressed? so was i...)

annoying thing - the bloody irritating creative writing people have moved my writing and new technologies module from wednesday morning to friday afternoon. which means, instead of having thursdays and fridays off every week, i have only thursday and friday morning... which is bloody annoying when trying to organise weekends away. never mind. at least i get wednesday mornings off now...

anyway, back on the bus i got to go to halls and pick up aforementioned stuff. and got halfway, when i realised that i'd forgotten my keys. helpful... so, i got there, knocked on the office window so sue would let me in, and had her unlock the flat AND my room with the master key. so i ran in and got my inhaler, and forgot everything else.


but at least i can breathe now ;)
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