T'eyla Minh (teylaminh) wrote,
T'eyla Minh

firstly, apologies for the rant last night. ever have one of those moments where life suddenly becomes incredibly aggravating for no reason?

anyway. a curious thing i should like to share about my house at the moment. and, no, it is not the same thing she texted me once: "your house is square!!" although it IS square, indeed, because it has a flat roof...

said flat roof is supposed to have a piece of timber across the front/back element in lieu of guttering. apparently, there's a channel up there to direct rain water to a flow pipe somewhere in the region of the bathroom (it had never occurred to me before where rain water went when you don't have a normal roof...)

our roof has no such timber. and it seems that the flow pipe is blocked. hence, whenever it rains, the roof turns into a lake. and now, when it's windy, the rain blows off the roof... which has a curious effect of it seeming to rain only on our house, incredibly heavily. most bizarre...

oh, and our neighbour complained because she got wet, but it's slightly difficult to stay dry in such circumstances and until we can afford someone to go up there and have a look, getting wet she will have to remain...
Tags: random
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