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i'm making the most of the (two) episodes of season 7 i get to watch before i go back to uni on sunday. then i have to wait til the easter holidays or an appropriate weekend home, but at least i get a marathon ;) and, in any, case, hurrah for season 6 on the bbc. i have to admit, tonight's cuts were incredibly well edited. i probably wouldn't have noticed at all had i not obsessively re-watched all the buffy/spike sequences over the summer...

for the record:

1) the scene in the kitchen before the social worker arrives - right after spike says "this flapjack's not ready to be flipped", they cut buffy's reaction, but it was seamlessly done with xander's "good godfrey cambridge, spike!"

2) the scene in spike's crypt when xander turns up. first, they cut spike's, uh, 'movements' under the sheet, for obvious reasons (which is a shame, because it's funny...) and secondly, they cut his 'exercising', too. less obvious, and more annoying...

3) same scene, after xander's left and spike's talking to buffy. they cut the best bit. i never remember the exact line, but they cut all of it. spike: "you should go [here, they cut.] get dressed, if you can find your clothes, and just go. if i can't have all of you, then... [looks down] hey, that's cheating!" *giggles* okay, fair enough, i see why they cut it. but still...

and this, i realise, is the exact scene james marsters was talking about when he said at the con: "when you go to your trailer for your costume and you find a sock..."


anyway. buffy overdose today. (as a side note, am becoming rather too fond of 'fresh prince of bel air'... and realised today that they do angsty plotlines entirely too well for average early 90s comedy...)

okay, so i was thoroughly and disgustingly spoiled for this one, and i don't care, because i knew it was going to be good. don't get me wrong, "lessons" was good... as a season starter, it was slightly below par, though, or at least anticlimactic compared to the end of season 6. not that i'm an expert, mind you...

anyway. "beneath you". i'd heard some wonderful things, including a comment from a far-more-obsessed-than-me fan (and a spuffy-er, incidentally) who classed it as one of his favourites from all seven seasons, and i'd seen the screencaps and read the summaries/transcripts, and i was really looking forward to it. i wasn't disappointed. there was a highly amusing moment when i almost yelled "KITTENSPIKE!" very loud as he was stalking/talking to the rat in the school basement (incidentally, huge kudos to james marsters, there...) this, however, was only because my very own black cat was stalking at the television in the opposite direction, and the image was too funny for words...

anyway, moving on...

even though i knew about spike's random reappearance at buffy's house (complete with tight blue top... not as nice as the black one, but still, miaow...) it was still very cool, and buffy's reaction really did it justice. definitely need to rewatch that entire sequence (resisting the urge to pummel xander a lot; he and anya both irritated the hell out of me in this one) and check for the subtle nuances and looks they were giving each other. buffy doesn't hate him, quite obviously... actually, buffy's probably confused as hell, and rightly so. but she can only hide behind the "seeing red" excuse for so long, especially now she can't fall back on the 'evil, soulless creature' one.

moving on, same sequence, or rather, the end of. dawn: "you sleep. if you hurt my sister in any way, touch her... and you'll wake up on fire." ouch. really. although i liked his "and when exactly did your sister get unbelievably scary?" and that sequence itself for the (finally!) conversation about the incident in "seeing red"... although, still, major ouch throughout.. and especially the little 'joke' about something in the hole biting his head off. it was funny, but in a nervous-laugh sort of way. i'm not saying she shouldn't be bitter, but, surely, being super-bitch-buffy about it isn't going to help matters?

the bit in the bronze with anya was alternately owwy and hysterical. nancy: "has anyone here not slept together?" followed by spike and xander eying each other nervously. nice :) anya noticing spike's soul. also very nice. buffy and bitchspike trying to kill each other again - not so nice. in fact, very much nasty. especially his comment about having another go at it up on the balcony. much as i love "dead things", that was completely uncalled for. much cringing throughout.

and... all right, anya and the worm monster plot was kinda stupid, if an excuse for anya and xander to have an almost civil conversation. they were both being annoyingly bitchy, though. really not liking vengeance-anya in the slightest. also, missing tara a lot, now, as her calming element is painfully absent. bastards.

anyway, moving on to that infamous (if you're spoilt) final scene with buffy and spike in the church. wow, i was looking forward to this. and once more with the ouch. it's probably a good thing, progress-wise, that she was crying throughout his final ramblings and while he hugged the cross (which, by the way, was very pretty...) although i'm a little annoyed that she had to ask why he got the soul. for you, duh! *sigh* he loves you! deal with it! *mutters* and the bbc are going to have fun editing the "service the girl" bit, i can tell...

really not much more i can say, other than i was bouncing up and down for most of it going "wooooow", which pretty much sums up my reaction.

"angel" - having not followed it, i'm only slightly lost, but i can figure out what's going on. preferring evilwesley to dorkwesley, although still hating him with a passion for simply not being doyle. (i'm shallow, okay?) angel and cordy are still infinitely less 'blech' than buffy and angel, and i discovered i'm now shipping for them without even realising it. nautica slipped that one by me when i wasn't paying attention, obviously. i loved the ending. it was just so... so cordy! and lightened the mood considerably, too.

so, consider thyselves thoroughly spoiled. weird thing - "farscape" spoilers make me homicidal. "buffy" spoilers make me shrug...

that's it, really. i'm finally getting my hair cut tomorrow, thank god. it's reached that stage of nearly-in-between that starts to drive me slowly mad and want to tear it out. and i'm also going to be having an eddie izzard marathon with lloyd (courtesy of me, of course) tomorrow night, which should be interesting, to say the least...
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