T'eyla Minh (teylaminh) wrote,
T'eyla Minh

and also...

last night, i had several dreams. the last one, i remember, i was going to be executed for some reason. and i was wearing a wizard-y hat in the same colour velvet as my new coat. brain is saturated...

anyway, the other one was a buffy dream, where i was watching "beneath you", with naomi (stemming from conversation on tuesday night, i imagine) only it bore absolutely no resemblance to the real episode in any way. guess i was really looking forward to it... ;) anyway, in this one, i distinctly recall buffy being in a sort of dark pink satin dress, like in the halloween one in season 2 (you know the one...) and dawn was there, too... and i think xander. anyway, there was this whole sequence with buffy and spike and a dance (mind control, maybe? it made sense as part of the episode in the dream) and the very last section of it was spike telling buffy he loved her, and buffy telling spike she loved him, too, and focussing on his shell-shocked expression.

and then i remember turning to naomi and going "okay, what happened to the pretty ending?!"

*shrug* weird. and pleasantly fuzzy :)
Tags: dreams
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