T'eyla Minh (teylaminh) wrote,
T'eyla Minh

oh, christ...

the parody-demon returns with a vengeance. someone please stop me from trying to work out a chicago/buffy crossover...

because, for starters (although it frells up along the way) there's the character of billy flynn. and there's spike. whose real name is william. *sigh* and, actually, that'd kinda work ;)

and then, there's roxie, who... well, could be buffy. and i was thinking faith as velma... but then there's the whole killing her sister thing, so maybe velma could be buffy... and anya could be roxie. only that messes up because i'm rapidly turning into a billy/roxie shipper (i'm sorry, i'm sorry...)

oh, frell, no. i'm not doing it. no.


i'm going to end up doing it...
Tags: fandom: buffy, random
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