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stolen off her and done because i'm bored.

i never thought i'd actually get to say this, but oh, frell, i left the oven on... *runs to turn it off*

reet. anyway.

1) What have you done in your life that you should've got arrested for? like lorna, many counts of buying alcohol for minors, mainly naomi. alternately, buying painkillers for jennifer.

2) When did you lose "it"? haven't. but i lose plenty of other things on an annoyingly regular basis. (in fact, to quote the new catchphrase that eve and i coined, "i'm a never! are you?"...)

3) Got opinions on the following?

...racism/discrimination? racism pisses me off, mainly because all members of family on my dad's side are racist or discriminatory in some fashion, and i have (and had) plenty of friends who are asian/chinese/in minority groups. discrimation against minorities of any kind also annoys me... mainly because i'm in the minority being discriminated against ;)

...the Bush administration? as i have no idea, i have no opinion...

...abortion? if it saves a child being born into a stupid/poor/unwanted family, then i'm all for it. if someone gets forced into it by parents or significant other, then i'm not. it's the mother's choice, not anyone else's.

...the death penalty? hm. tricky one...

...homosexuality? if i was against it, i'd probably have significantly less friends. my only complaint is my annoying tendency to fall for gay men on a regular baisis. seriously. it was funny for a while. now, it is merely annoying...

...animal welfare? If it's got a central nervous system, treat it right. - lorna, sorry for stealing, but you said it...

4) Do you believe in God? nope. i believe in religion as a concept and realise why people believe in god, but personally, i have yet to find proof that there is one.

5) Were you good in school? mostly. got in trouble a few times for completely pointless things and was Miss Jackson's Best Friend three times in year 10.

6) What do you love? waaaay too many things.

7) What do you hate? myself, "constantly", to quote joe gillis ;) or rather, older (younger?) versions of myself, usually from about three months prior to present. and stupid people (a wide generalisation, of course...) with a passion.

and... yes.. now i shall go and watch 'miss congeniality' and hope that the sodding music next door sodding stops! gah...
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