T'eyla Minh (teylaminh) wrote,
T'eyla Minh

well, all the rumours about david brottman being an ogre turned out to be slightly overstated... although as it's only the first session and nobody's pissed him off yet, it's hardly the best time to judge. david brottman - the American Lecturer. there's something so incredibly bizarre about american people using the word 'trousers'. it just sounds wrong. or maybe i watch too much US television.

anyway, the module is very interesting, even if i am going to need a bionic hand by the end of it. soooo many nooootes...

nevertheless, we get to learn about film jargon and stuff, so it should be good. and, hurrah, because i've seen at least one of the movies already (francis ford copolla's "bram stoker's dracula", with gary oldman and winona ryder and keanu reeves). mind you, everyone else seems to have seen "blade runner" except me. however, i feel much less arghish about not seeing LOTR, because the lecturer hasn't either ;) this is going to be fun, i can tell...

that's about it. oh, and hurrah for my being able to decipher american spellings. we had a "labor" and many copious zeds where there should have been esses. next challenge is to watch the person next to me and see if they copy blindly, thus proving my point about half the group being illiterate..
Tags: university
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