T'eyla Minh (teylaminh) wrote,
T'eyla Minh

yet another wonderfully pointless morning...

once again, the bus failed to stop at our stop, but at least this time i got there bang on 9.00am. got to the room. it was empty. panicking, i ran up to the next floor to check the board, only to find other people on same module who stated it was, in fact, starting at 10.00 (every week, luckily. that makes only one morning when i have to get up obscenely earlym as poetry isn't til 11.00 tomorrow...) anyway, this was actually helpful because i hadn't had any breakfast.

then i went to waterstones and sought out "the last temptation of christ" for picturing books (i have yet to actually find "heart of darkness" and "do androids dream of electric sheep?", although they're apparently there somewhere...) and, on a whim, bought a copy of "fight club" while i was at it, and started reading it. good book. well, good movie, too ;)

and got to the lecture. essays and case studies, which is one of the specialist modules (there seem to be a lot less people than last year. i suppose that figures...) and is, unfortunately, compulsory. it seems more interesting than i thought, though. anyway, there was an incredibly bizarre moment at about 11.15 when it suddenly started raining very hard, and there was lightning and thunder. very cool. :) and, sometimes it pays off to be the quiet one for the entire of the first semester - when i actually do say something, it's usually something nobody else has thought of and the lecturer is nicely impressed :D

that's about it...
Tags: british weather, university
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