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well, if lorna did it, i may as well, too. and we're on the subject of writing, so this is the binary opposite...

Book you keep meaning to read that always gets bumped to second place by new purchases:
far too many, mainly including the entire discworld series after mort, the hitchhikers... series, the tolkiens, the rest of the harry potters... it's nearly as long as my movies-i-must-watch-before-i-am-25 list...

Book you put down halfway through and never got back to:
probably quite a few, but truman capote's breakfast at tiffany's springs instantly to mind. i started reading it in about upper sixth, and gave up, then tried reading it again about 2 weeks ago, and gave up. ditto mary shelley's frankenstein.

Book you love and can never convince anyone else to read:
phantom, by susan kay. with the exception of clare because she's a fellow POTO-fan.

Book you'll never read no matter how many people tell you you should:
probably quite a few things. likely to be anything for uni ;) which considerably buggers up my chances of passing, but there you go...

Children's book that no one else remembers except you:
the howen, by roger stevens. incidentally, Everyone Must Read it.

Children's book everyone seems to have read that you've never read / heard of:
the harry potters...

Terrific book, terrible movie:
probably many, by the nature of the beast. aforementioned breakfast at tiffany's is possibly the only film that's better than the book, but that's just my opinion. um.. okay, beauty by susan wilson (another one nobody's heard of; a modern tale on beauty and the beast) whereby they completely ruined the ending by missing out the entire last section of the book. we want the angst, goddammit!

Book you loved on first reading which on subsequent readings wow, not so much:
hm... probably all of the point horrors in my collection, which really aren't as good when you're over 20...

Most Overrated / Overhyped Book or Author, in your opinion:
j.k.rowling. flames? bring 'em on... and lately, lord of the rings, but i'm only annoyed at the hype it got after someone made it into a movie...

Most Underrated / Misunderstood Book or Author, in your opinion:
probably most of the things i've read. susan kay is incredibly underrated, so much so that both of her novels (phantom and legacy, which is apparently about elizabeth i, and which i'm trying to get hold of a copy of) are now out of print. if you have either of them, you're sitting on a goldmine - and self-respecting POTO fan would kill for a copy :) her writing style is very easy to get into, but so very evocative at the same time; she really gets inside her characters and pokes around in their brains, and draws you in. wonderful.

and am i allowed to say myself? ;)

okay, that's it... back to the fic, once more...
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