T'eyla Minh (teylaminh) wrote,
T'eyla Minh

oh, dear lord...


someone please frelling kill antonio banderas before i do. then maybe stupid movie production companies will stop trying to cast him as the lead in musicals!

first phantom. then after all the flops, they decided against it, because he wasn't "big" in movie circles... not, you notice, because they realised he was terrible and completely wrong for the role...

and now that that's gone away, they're considering him for joe???

*wild eyed and panicked stare*

please, god, no. anything but that. he's already mangled one of my favourite characters beyond belief but this would kill my sodding muses off for sure. i know in the wider scheme of things this is incredibly unimportant, but jesus...

movie production people: please realise! the man has no talent! he cannot sing! he cannot even sing in frelling english! this is a Bad Idea that surpasses even most of mine! can't you tell he looks wrong, for christ's sake?

*deep breath* i am calm. this sucks beyond belief, but i am calm...
Tags: annoyances: people, brain go splode

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