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something i would have posted last night if i'd been online...

or if i'd even remembered.

i watched "song and dance". it was very good, if a little frightening, what with the non-psychotic, all singing, all dancing sarah brightman sounding nothing like christine, and the entirely wonderful and very short wayne sleep. and the *terrifying* eighties fashion mistakes throughout.

good songs.

wanna see this live.

also, interesting in the fact that it was in the palace theatre, which now houses les mis, and doesn't even look like the same theatre :)

but... weird brightman-ness. looks nothing like herself. doesn't even sound like herself. she sounds... human! this is not the voice of the chorus girl the phantom would teach, no way, this is the voice of the chorus girl he'd try to kill...

wish i could dance. i wonder if it's too late to learn to tap dance?
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