T'eyla Minh (teylaminh) wrote,
T'eyla Minh

wow, mondays are always so eventful when i actually go in ;)

critical theory - dave ellis made an eddie izzard reference this week! we're doing marxist critism and new historicism - he referred to eddie's sketch on archeology: "we've uncovered a series of Small Walls..." *grin*

i was struck with the most bizarre feeling in the lecture, though. there was a suddenly very school-like smell in the room that took me right back to english with mrs. porter, eddie izzard references and all...

and then when writing fic in the library *ahem* using a green inked fountain pen, i was suddenly back in year 8 german, when i had a very similar pen with the same colour ink. tres bizarre...

picturing books - two and a half nearly-solid hours of note-taking on "dracula", of which i read ten chapters in two hours last night (and two more during/before the lecture) of twenty-seven in total... anyway, in the lecture theatre, there are those cinema/theatre-style pull-down seats, and very little leg room, with little flippy tables attached. so i'd made myself an extra surface on the seat in front, upon which my bag was resting, and then upon which i'd balanced my folder, upon which to put my pencil case and bottle of water.

david brottman (in a surprisingly good mood, thank god) started the lecture. fifteen seconds in, my folder slides to the floor and takes all the contents on top with it. ker-assssh!


but scary brottman person picked them all up for me and didn't shout. hurrah.

that's about it, really. need new hand now. ow.
Tags: nostalgia, university
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