T'eyla Minh (teylaminh) wrote,
T'eyla Minh

i must share this. it's amusing. if torturous to my hormones and general state of sanity...

(back story - allan told me he thought he'd heard that an ex-sunset personage may be in rocky horror this time around. we have no idea if this is so or if it's true. however, i present, a conversation between me and her whilst playing scrabble...

me: for some reason i have this horrible suspicion that sunset tour's betty might be janet. although i'm just projecting as allan reckons there's a sunset tour person in it...

her: *laughs*

me: i'm not even going there. nope. brain is not going to make the connection.

me: it's not. it's NOT.

her: no.

me: *pained snort*

her: actually, it is ;)

me: no, bad...

me: impossible, anyway, he's been in little shop for most of the run...

her: *giggles*

me: *hysterics* i would cackle much if it happened, though.

her: just for the amusement factor, though, i want you to think about him in fishnets. you may begin.

me: *cackling*

me: i hate you.

me: i *really* hate you.

her: *grin*

me: although he probably would make a frelling hysterical brad...

her: that too...

me: that was what i was thinking :P

that's about the gist of it. i was hyperventilating-giggling for a good five minutes... and then i listened to the floorshow. bad plan :)

however, yeerocky! and yeecats! but more yeerocky at the moment. and as a change, for anyone who hasn't heard yet, i'm going as columbia this year :)
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