T'eyla Minh (teylaminh) wrote,
T'eyla Minh

and, to wind down from the rant, a ridiculously long quiz...

668 questions long, in fact....

*The Basics*
1. Full name: if you don't know it, shame on you :P
2. Birthday: 16th october, 1981
3. Current Location: at my computer, in my room, in derby.
4. Where else have u lived: birmingham, various areas thereof.
5. School/mascot/colors: um. okay, well, at primary school, it was norfolk house (i'm a private school brat...), it didn't have a mascot, and i was in warwick house, which was blue; secondary school, good old KEVIHS (i'm also a grammar school brat :P), the mascot was, i suppose, edward the lion, and i was in amethyst, before it became pankhurst...
6. Zodiac sign: libra
7. Shoe size: 4/5
8. Height: 5'3"
9. Weight: at last check, 9 stone 7 lbs...
10. Pets: un chat
11. Siblings: nope.
12. Eye color: grey
13. Hair color: brown.
14. Hair lenth: short and in need of a haircut.
15. Ever died ur hair?: indeed.
16. What color?: various attempts at purple and red, successful attempts at black.
17. Grade: 2nd year of uni. technically 3rd physical year of uni.
18. Are u good in school? well, i passed all my exams...
19. hobbies: singing/choir/musicals; spending money i don't have on personal missions; writing
20. Nicknames: too many...
21. What languages do you speak? english, scapian, ussian (don't ask) and a little smattering of french and latin...
22. Do you play sports?: used to go trampolining...
23. Where were you born?: wordsley.
24. Are you a night or a morning person? i'm nocturnal.
25. Are you ticklish?: indeed.
26. Do you believe in god?: nope.
27. Do you have any other screen names?: used to have copious amounts of them in the zen room - t'eyla minh, electra (creek), jemima, meg the poto-ette, electra ^zen^... the list went on for ages. but other than that, no...
28. What are they?: see above.
29. Do you have braces?: nope.
30. Do you have glasses/ contacts?: yes.

*Getting Personal*
31. What do you want to be when you grow up?: a writer. it's true. but if i'm being sensible, then something that at least earns me enough money to fund being a writer...
32. What was the worst day of your life?: some point in may 2001 getting kicked off placement...
33. What is your most embarrassing story?: i can't remember. currently, the whole swooning thing at lil shop.
34. What has been the best day of your life?: again, can't remember, but currently, everything that happened before the swooning thing and after the disastrous coach trip...
35. What comes first in your life?: writing and singing, and friends.
36. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/crush?: *ahem* well, i think we know the answer to that one.
37. What are you most scared of?: insects, of all kinds; being pushed off great heights; being plunged into darkness (i hate power cuts)
38. If you had an extra set of eyes were would you put them?: back of my head would be useful. maybe make them remote controllable and put them in theatres to follow tours around the place. or put them in cinemas to see movies for free...
39. What do you usually think about before you go to bed?: anything and everything. stubborn fic/fic i won't write down for fear of ruining it.
40. What do you regret the most?: oh, lots of things.
41. If you could be anything without consequences, what would u be?: hm. too many things to list...

42. Movie: which of the fifteen million would you like? okay, off the top of my head, and doubtless missing many,and in no particular order, sunset boulevard, nightmare before christmas, labyrinth, the sound of music, the wizard of oz, the rocky horror picture show, many other musicals, moulin rouge, the others, nearly all disney... oh, it goes on forever...
43. Song: again, far too many.
44. Band/group: catatonia, dido.
45. Store: topshop, because they tend to ahve the most interesting things of all of them. occasionally h&m. hot topic, if we had them. the oasis. waterstones. hmv. grandma takes a trip.
46. Relative: mother. and uncle pre-Incident.
47. Sport: trampoliiiiining! and tennis. swimming.
48. Vacation spot: paris :)
49. Ice cream flavor: strawberry. hyperfood!
50. Fruit: i like the flavour of apples, but not actually apples themselves...
51. Candy: dairy miiiilk.
52. Car: vw beetle; vw hippy camper; cadillac; ford ka (turquoise)
53. Class: well, um, english...
54. Holiday: christmas; halloween.
55. Day of the week: thursdays (day off) and mondays (farscape, frasier)
56. Color: purple, black, blue, red, orange, jewel green.
57. Magazine: don't read any...
58. Name for a girl: tabitha, madeleine, niamh, siobhan. i keep forgetting this list...
59. Name for a boy: mainly pretty ones with lots of syllables...alexander, jonathan, things like that...
60. Sports team: meh...
61: Month: hm... never really thought about it...
62. Man athlete: don't have one.
63. Female athlete: ditto.
64. Actress: nicole kidman; claudia black (both for sheer talent); faith brown (as before, and add in being utterly lovely); winona ryder; probably a few others.
65. Actor: if i mentioned claudia, i have to mention ben browder; and jeremy finch, of course.
66. Tv show: farscape, frasier, buffy, voyager/ds9, jonathan creek (oh, just see the other bloody entry!)
67. Web site: too many...
68. Animal: kitty cat.
69. E-mail buddy: plenty... currently donna, who i still owe a lil shop programme.
70. Joke: the little yellow man joke.
71. Saying: frell me dead!
72. Word: anything scapian, because it confuses people; some buffyisms; interestingly obscure english words.
73. Brand of shoes: shelleys!
74. Radio station: well, my radio's tuned to ram FM because it was the first one i found...
75. Room in your house: my room; lounge.
76. Concert you have been to: haven't. been in plenty...
77. CD: at the moment, chicago soundtrack; dido's no angel; sunset boulevard, buffy musical soundtrack.
78. President: i don't know... anyone but bush?
79. Salad:green. evil. blech.
80. Meat: most except for kidney/liver/tongue/anything else obviously an organ...
81. Pizza topping: margherita. spicy beef. tuna.
82. State: depends what i'm obsessing over ;)
83. City: london. new york
84. Lake: dunno...
85. Ocean: the atlantic. or the medeterranian.
86. Place to be: bed.
87. Smell: turkey cooking, or any meat for that matter. melted chocolate.
88. Sound: strings. (car chase scene strings in particular) and big scary harmonies...
89. Taste: chocolate, cheese (not at once, obviously...)
90. Feeling: post-show-buzz
91. College: mine :P
92. Number: 7, 13, 24601
93. Book: phantom, susan kay; the howen, roger stevens.
94. Vacation spot: didn't i do this one? paris...
95. Grandma: i only have one.
96. Grandpa: again, only had one that i remember...
97. Cereal: rice krispies. although currently addicted to bran flakes.

*Not so favourite*
98. Car: big long ugly ones
99. Color: pink
100. Teacher: they're all okay, i suppose...
101. Class: writing and new tech. website!
102. Day of the week and why: mondays. too many lectures.
103. Holiday: *shrug*
104. Season: spring
105. Month: january.
106. Sport: most ;)
107. team: no answer.
108. Male athlete: dunno.
109. Female athlete: dunno.
110. Movie: bad teen movies. ti-frelling-tanic.
111. Actress: none that i can immediately think of.
112. Actor: antonio banderas
113. T.V. Show: anything pointless; reality tv...
114. Web site:*shrug*
115. Food: veg.
116. Drink: rum. blech.
117. Band: teenypop...
118. Male singer: can't think of any.
119. Female singer: ditto.
120. Animal: buuuugs.
121. Store: gap.
122. Video rental store: the scary ones you find on street corners...
123. E-mail buddy: the ones that email me at random...
124. Joke: bad ones?
125. Saying: anything horribly cliched.
126. Word: how can you have a least favourite word?
127. Brand of shoes: nike, etc.
128. Radio station: none...
129. Room in your house: downstairs loo
130. Concert you have been to: haven't been to any.
131. CD: i like them all...
132. President: buuush.
133. Salad: all.
134. Meat: the ones that are organs...
135. Pizza topping: mushroom
136. State: no idea.
137. City: haven't seen enough to comment.
138. Lake: dunno.
139. Ocean: british channel.
140. Place to be: anywhere very cold. a national express coach...
141. Smell: feet.
142. Sound: high pitched squeaks. singers a semi-tone out.
143. Taste: veg :p
144. Feeling: uncertainty.
145. Letter: *sigh*
146. Date: no idea...
147. Book: dunno...
148. Vacation spot: never really thought..
149. Grandma: uh...
150. Grandpa: same.
151.Cereal: weetabix

*In the past 24 hours have you*
152. Had a serious talk?: no.
153. Hugged someone? no
154. Fought with a friend? no.
155. Cried? no.
156. Laughed? well, giggled.
157. Made someone laugh? i made eve "lol"...
158. Bought something? nope.
159. Cut your hair? no.
160. Felt stupid? i always do...
161 talked to someone you love? *sigh* i wish... although, yes... different person.
162. Missed someone? : maddy. bastards.

??????have you ever??????
163. Done drugs? only the ones that keep me alive...
164. Eaten an entire box of oreos?: nope.
165. Been dumped? yes. was too happy about it to notice at the time.
166. Had someone be unfaithful to you?: no
167. Watched punky brewster? never.
168. Hiked a mountain? um... probably on d of e...
169. Stayed home on saturday night, just because? always!
170. Been in love? with many a fictional character. with only one real person. still am. you know what i'm talking about.
171. Seen the white house?: no
172. Seen the eiffel tower? yes, and been right up to the top.
173. Tried smoking?: no. i like my lungs. even though they hate me...
174. Drank alcohol?: well, duh.
175. Smoked marijuana?: no.
176. Played monopoly? yes, i'm terrible at it.
178. Seen titanic? yes. i hate that movie.
179. Kissed someone? "i'm a never. are you?"
180. French kissed someone? see above.
181. Lost your virginity? nope.
182. Tried a weight loss program? does forgetting-to-eat-more-than-once-a-day count?
183. Jumped on a trampoline? yes, yes, yes!
184. Visited another country? yes.
185. Colored in a coloring book(and had fun)? eeeee yes!
186. Had a bubble bath? lots when i was little.
187. Been on a plane? yes
188. Been on a boat? yes. love watching the ocean...
189. Been on a train? frequently.
190. Been in a car accident? yes.
191. Ridden an elephant? no
192. Made a web page? yes, three of them...
193. Played with barbies? yes
194. Stayed up all night? all the bloody time.
195. Shoved stuff under your bed to make your room look clean?: of course...
196. Broken a bone? no
197. Called a physchic or sex hotline? no and no.
198. Watched jerry springer? alas, yes. in a marathon. on uk living. and there were transsexuals.
199. Gotten in trouble for talking in class?: probably.
200. Been afraid of the dark? yes. usually after blair witch...
201. Been in the hospital(not visiting)?: for four days aged 10, for asthma. for one night in june, for kidney infection.
202. Had stitches?: no.
203. Dumped someone and regretted it?: nope.
204. Went out with more than one person at a time?: no.
205. Lied? oh, yes.
206. Been arrested?: no
207. Fallen asleep in class?: nearly...
208. Used food for something other than to eat?: not that i can immediately recall. probably to throw at people.
209. Met a celebrity?: *counts* nicholas parsons, james marsters, alex siddig, andy robinson, shiri appleby, paul goddard, faith brown. oh, and saw princess margaret once. and michael crawford from afar.
210. Broken the law?: probably.
211. Ever loved someone so much it made you cry?: before i could make logic intervene, yes...
212. Hated yourself?: "constantly". i adore that quote :)
213. Been brokenhearted?: yes...
214. Broken someone's heart?: oh, quite probably.
215. Wanted to kill someone?: all the damn time.
216. Fell off a chair?: sadly, yes.
217. Lap danced? nope.
218. Been in a fist fight?: nope.
219. Been in a cat fight? ha! been in a verbal one...

*Do You*
220. Like to give hugs? yes.
221. Like to walk in the rain? ooooh, yes.
222. Sleep with or without clothes on? with.
223. Prefer black or blue pens? black. or very dark blue. or very pale blue...
224. Dress up on halloween? when i'm going out...
225. Have a job? no. dammit.
226. Like to travel? yes. especially to strange new lands.
227. Like someone? do they know? jeremy. and boy, do i hope not...
228. Sleep on your side, tummy or back?: side and back.
229. Think your attractive?: nope.
230. Want to marry? who?: *ahem* :)
231. Have a goldfish?: lots when younger, internal and external.
232. Ever have the falling dream?: no...
233. Have stuffed animals?: way too many.
234. Go on vacation? : less often than i would like... unless road trips to leeds or manchester count?

235. Do you belive in the horoscopes: sometimes, when they're scarily accurate.
236. Do you like your handwriting: sometimes...
237. If you could be anybody, who would you be and why: lead female counterpointing anything jeremy's playing? um... i don't know :P
238. What superhero would you be: catwoman.
239. Do you have any piercings: two each ear, left nostril, navel.
240. Any tattoos: yup.
241. If so where: purple rose with black spikes, base of my spine.
242. If not, where and what do you want: oh, you know the list by now.
243. Are you picky: i'm a beta. whaddayou think?
244. What makes you cry: farscape. sunset did. less things make me cry than they used to.
245. What makes you mad: stupid people. see last entry...
246. What do you think of eminem: i'm saying nothing...
247. Who do you admire: lots of people.
248. Do you like cartoons: yeah
249. Do you believe in the devil: i'd have to believe in god first...
250. What is the one place you have to visit before you die: egypt; america (all of it); salzburg; paris properly
251. What did you do today: woke up at 10.30, went back to sleep til 13.45. lay in bed thinking of so-fluffy-i-could-kill-myself random sunset thing until 15.30. got up. thought about it some more until 17.00, at which point, attempted to watch 'blade runner' and gave up after 1 hour and 15 minutes. did nothing til 'jonathan creek'. did rant. did this.
252. Where do you work: *sobs*
253. Do you even have a job you lazy bum: no, and i need one!
254. Are your 'rents lame: huh?: my mother rocks. she does cool stuff like going to rocky with us. :) my father, on the other hand...
255. Do you own a miniskirt: nope.
256. Do you floss: nope.
257. What is the farthest your have traveled: kefalonia, or possibly gran canaria.
258. Who is a diva: the divine ms. faith brown... or failing that, probably eddie izzard ;)
259. What kind of shampoo do you use: cheap substitute for head and shoulders; herbal essences.
260. What about conditioner: they're 2-in-1s...
261. Do you use big words to sound smart: no, i use them because i can :)
262. When you get mad, do you swear a lot: i rant. and hit things. and angst.
263. Got milk: only on cereal.
264. Do you have a magic 8 ball: no, but i want one.
265. Name something that comes in threes: love stories in musicals. think about it, it's true!
266. Ever worn black nail polish: yes
267. Do you have hairy arms: yes. more so after randomly deciding to shave them...
268. How many sheets are on your bed: one. black. with frills.
269. Whats under your bed: several suitcases (empty), and a box with towels in.
270. Do you have your own tv and vcr: yes. i would go insane if i didn't.
271. Do you believe in fate: yes. it's a bitch.
272. Do you see dead people: nope. i sense them, though, if they're there...
273. Are you a good speller: yes...
274. What is your lucky charm: don't have one.
275. Why do you drive on a parkway and park on a driveway: what the frell is a parkway?
276. Do you like little kids:only the incredibly non-annoying ones.
277. Are you talented: apparently...
278. If so, how: writing (or, at least, an ability to string together coherent sentences with correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation) and, i'd like to believe, singing.
279. Ever hugged a tree: no.
280. Do you watch the weather channel while getting ready in your hotel room on vacation: nope.
281. Do you ever steal anything from hotels: the soap :)
282. Ever seen a ghost: no. dammit.
283. How about an alien: no. seen a couple of things that may have been u.f.o.s
284. Do you beleive in either of them: yes.

*What do you think about...*
285. Abortion: freedom of choice...
286. Bill clinton: no opinion.
287. Smoking: a very silly pastime.
288. Eating disorders: sometimes very tempting...
289. Rap: ugh.
290. Jerry springer: amusing and terrible.
291. Suicide: see "eating disorders"...
292. South park: hee! wonderful!
293. Summer: long holidays and much sleep.
294. Tattoos: addictive.
295. Peircing: would get more if i was brave enough.
296. Make-up: mostly pointless when in natural tones... but i'll wear the dramatic stuff if i can be bothered, which is rarely.
297. Drinking: good fun. i have yet to get so drunk i fall over/throw up.
298. Guys: beyond stereotypes...
299. Girls: ditto...

*what do you think when you hear this name...*
300. Jennifer: whee! jen!
301. Leah: *blank*
302. Megan: the girl that rode one of the my little ponies...
303. Brandon: the crow... and the girl in "boys don't cry".
304. Christina: ricci.
305. Angela: lovely lady. phantomlady!
306. Courtney: *cringe* the name of one of the annoying children next door...
307. Jeff: *blank*
308. Mike: personage i used to know in the zen room...
309. Nikki: dunno.
310. Ryan: dunno.
311. Lauren: dunno.
312. Derek: where're the damn halloween photos!!
313. Lisa: simpsons.
314. Kristi: nope...
315. Matt: nothing...
316. Holly: red dwarf! or my buddy...
317. Jackie: nothing.
318. Cait: nothing.
319. Caroline: quentin-->maddy-->KILL DAVID RENWICK KILL!
320. Joseph: nope.
321. Sebb: meh?
322. Patrick: nope.
323. Erin: sister of a friend... or, apparently, aeryn, as that;s what i thought it used to be at first...

*Your friends*
333. Friends: are bloody complicated things.
334. Best friend: katie, officially. but everyone.
335. Spend most time with: online - naomi, eve, lorna. offline, probably clare-at-uni, and lloyd, derek et al. at the pub...
336. Best house: naomi's... it's the biggest. or possibly jen's...
337. Funniest: naomi.
338. Smartest: not fair to name just one.
339. Hottest: now, you KNOW i'm not going to answer that one...
340. Strongest: oh, probably lloyd...
341. Most athletic: rachel.
342. Knows you the best: eve; katie; naomi.
343. Most outgoing: that'd be me...
344. Most shy: eve. crystal.
345. Always negative: naomi. she's a sarcastic victorian gentleman :)
346. Which one let the dogs out: i have no idea... jen let the mouse out once...
347. Most trustworthy: most of them...
348. Most fun to be with: depends on the situation. all are fun in different places.
349. Biggest flirt: lorna ;)
350. Best dressed: we all dress pretty much the same, so...
351. Best eyes: i never take notice. i should do that more...
352. Most depressed: not sure who's winning ;)
353. One to gossip with: uh... naomi?
354. Sweetest: why, sweet, of course :) she's sweeter than a sweet thing!
355. Who has the best room: i've only seen jen's, naomi's and lloyd's. so... naomi's, for the interestingly scrawled-on walls.
356. Who follows you: i have no idea.
357. Who do you follow: i don't. do i?
358. Who do you pretend to like but cant stand: i don't...
359. Do you make friends easily: sometimes.
360. Are you intimidated by any of your friends: nope...
361. If u were stranded on a desert island then who, out of your friends, would u want to be there with u: if it boils down to who i'd be least likely to murder within a day... then probably lorna and naomi, and eve. and katie...
362.Who do u think would help u the most if u were in trouble: katie, eve.
363. Who do u think would risk their life to save yours: katie.
364. Who is the most popular: i have no idea...
365. Who is the most unpopular: ditto.
366.Who do u want to go to college with: bit late now ;)
367. Who do u wish could be part of your family: well, naomi wants to live under my bed...
368. Who is the biggest junk food junkie: it's a competition between me and lloyd for who's the most addicted to kfc...
369. Who would do anything for 1 million bucks: me...
370. Who do u think has the nicest siblings: probably aisha.
371. Who do u think has the nicest mom: hm... crystal's mum gave me chicken wings once :) although i've never met her, um... vickie's. and mine.
372. Who do u think has the nicest dad: jen! naomi!
373. Who do you have the most inside jokes with: naomi, sweet, eve, lloyd.

Which way would you spell it?
374. Megan or meghan: Megan
375. Lacey or lacy: Lacey
376. Steven or stephen: Stephen
377. Kurt or curt: Kurt
378. Caryn or karen: Karen
379. Mark or marc: Mark
380. Brandi or brandy: Brandy
381. Eric or erik: Erik, of course ;)
382. Corrine or carine: Carine
383. Kari or carrie:Carrie
384. Jackie or jackqui: Jacqui...
385. Deseray or desirae: Desiree
386. Jayde or jade: Jade
387. Amy or aimee: Amy
388. Bradi or brady: Brady
389. Chelsea or chelsey: Chelsea
390. Katelyn or kaitlyn: Kaitlyn
391. Ashley or ashleigh: Ashley
392. Geoffrey or jeffrey:Geoffrey
393. Their or there: that isn't even a valid question...
394. Two, too, or to: ditto.
395. Here or hear: ditto...

This or That
396. Pierced nose or tongue? nose
397. Be serious or funny? depends ont he situation...
398. Single or taken? single
399. Simple or complicated? oh, so complicated.
400. Law or anarchy? law.
401. Mtv or vh1? Q. well, Q, before it went crappy...
402. 7th haven or dawson's creek? meh. 7th heaven is slightly more bearable.
403. Sugar or salt? salt.
404. Silver or gold? silver
405. Tongue or belly button ring? belly button BAR...
406. Chocolate or flowers? chocolate.
407. Angels or miracles? miracles.
408. Color or black-and-white photos? depends... black and white...
409. Sunrise or sunset? sunset :)
410. M&Ms or skittles? skittles.
411. Rap or rock? rock
412. Stay up late or sleep in? both, please :)
413. Tv or radio? t.v.
414. Hot or cold? nice happy medium...
415. Tall members of the opposite sex or short? short! or at least not huge...
416. Sun or moon? moon. pretty :)
417. What time is it? 01.39
418. Diamond or ruby? diamond. sparrrkly.
419. Left or right? right.
420. 10 acquaintances or 1 bestfriend? 10 acquaintances...
421. Vanilla or chocolate? chocolate.
422. Kids or not? kids. eventually.
423. Cat or dog? cat.
424. Half empty or half full? half empty.
425. Mustard or ketchup? ketchup.
426. Newspaper or magazine? newspaper...
427. Spring or fall? spring.
428. Give or receive? both.
429. Rain or snow? rain. and snow.
430. Lace or satin? both :)
431. A year of hot sex or a lifetime of friendship? friendship.
432. Happy or sad? what kind of angst queen would i be if i said happy?
433. Corduroy or plaid? corduroy.
434. Wonder or amazement? wonder.
435. Sneakers or sandals? sneakers.
436. Mcdonalds or burger king? mcdonalds.
437. Blondes or brunettes? brunettes...?
438. Mexican or italian food? italian
439. Lights on or off? off. or low.
440. Duct tape or scotch tape? duct tape.
441. Candy or soda? soda.
442. A house in the woods or the city? edge of a city. near woods.
443. Pepsi or coke? coke.
444. Nike or adidas? ugh...

<333love life <333
445. Do you have a crush: *ahem* yees.
446. Whats his or her name: if you don't know by now, where the hell have you been?
447. How old are they: um, early 30s? if i knew, i'd be a happier fanficcer... (possibly, that's a very terrifying sentence...)
448. How long have you been him or her: i think i know what the question's asking - since april 5th. officially since may 4th. properly officially since september 28th ;)
449. If you could kiss anyone in the world, who would it be: *whistles*
450. If you could date anyone in the world, who would it be: someone who would pay for me...
451. What is the biggest turn off: ask me when i've been in a proper relationship...
452. What is the biggest turn on: and ditto.
453. Do you prefer being the dumper or the dumpee: i imagine, the dumper...
454. Do you think there is a person for everyone: yes.
455. If yes, do you know who yours is: if he didn't already have a boyfriend... :P
456. Where is the best place to be kissed: *indicates "i'm a never" badge*
457. Where is the most romantic place to take a date: dunno...
458. Do you believe in love at first sight: it would be so good if it existed, but i don't know. i've heard it can happen.
459. Have you ever been in love: uh-huh...
460. What do you think love is: entirely too many things to pinpoint.
470. Do you have a b/f or g/f: nope.
471. Do you want one: not particularly.
472. How long have you been together: n/a.
473. What do you like about your crush or b/f, g/f: let's see. very pretty; voice that turns my stomach to goo; smile that turns my knees to jelly; utterly adorable; far too nice to be legal. enough?
474. When was your first kiss: *re-indicates badge* although, then again, if memory serves, when i was 6. but i doubt if that counts.

<3 4 girls only<3
475. What do you look for in a guy?: apparently, that they be gay, fictional, or both. this is most perturbing.
476. Tough or hardcore guys?: yick.
477. Sweet or innocent guy? yes, please :) and throw a vulnerable in there and i'm gone...
478. Smart or athletic guys? smart...
488. Favorite cologne on a guy? no idea...
489. Best gift a guy could give? again, no idea.
490. Flowers. . . Sweet or wasteful? sweet!
491. Sweetest guy you know? considering i technically only know two, it's hard to choose between them... if we're talking those i want to know, then... oh, frell, you know...

4 guys only
492. What do you look for in a girl?
493. Describe your dream girl:
494. Long hair or short hair on a girl?
495. Strait or curly hair on a girl?
496. Best gift a girl could give?
497. Favorite perfume on a girl?
498. Would you go out with an older girl?
499. Girls with long or short nails?
500. Sweetest girl you know?

501. First grade teacher's name: kindergarten - mrs. eccleston. year 1 - damn. can't remember.
502. Last word you said: probably something curse-like about jonathan creek. failing that "i liked it" to naomi on MSN.
503. Last song you sang: haydn's nelson mass, in DCU. or probably something from rocky.
504. Last meal you ate: tuna sarnies.
505. Favorite childhood cartoon: bugs bunny; coyote and roadrunner
506. What did you hate most about school: miss jackson...
507. Last person you flipped off: *eyebrow* i imagine, probably lloyd or naomi...
508. Last song stuck in your head: can't remember.
509. What line/verse: it was bound to be lyricless.
510. Last time you were burned: working at mcdonalds, on the bun toaster.
511. How: see above.
512. Last time you bled: when i cut myself with the bread knife...
513. Favorite game show as a child: crystal maze. knightmare :D


514. What's in your cd player: nowt
515. What color sox are you wearing: red and black stripey.
516. What's under your bed: already done this one.
517. What's the weather like: dark?
518. What is on your wall calender (i.E. Curious george, magnetic poetry): farscape. oh, that reminds me. *changes it* hee! d'argorific! d'argo chained to the ceiling in 'eat me', and d'argo with his ozme jet pack in 'revenging angel', d'argo and john, and cartoon d'argo... :D
519. What time did you wake up today: ugh. 3.30pm...
520. Did you think it was earlier, later, or on time: earlier...

521. Who do you want to marry: no idea. a rich, all singing, all dancing chef...
522. Are you going to college: yes...
523. If so, how long do you want to go: i have a year and a half left.
524. Where do you want to go: pointless question.
525. What is your career going to be: something that'll fund my writing...
526. Where are you going to live: back home. and then, when i have the available resources, america.
257. How many kids do you want: two or three...
528. Kids names girls: don't know. something from the list before.
529. Kids names boys: ditto.
530. Where do you want your honeymoon: pariiis! or maybe venice...
531. What kind of car will you have: i have no idea...
532. What kind of house will you have:the derby factory! well, that's if i can pay for it, and i'll be living with naomi. i get the attic, she gets the ground floor, and the middle's a sort of common area. :) we shall be impoverished artistic type people with fifteen cats :)
533. Do you like this survey? it passes the time. and i'm down from my rant...
534. Is this one of the best surveys youve ever taken? no..
535. How about the most unique? certainly the longest.
536. Have you gotten most of these questions on another survey? oh, yes.
537. Do you like to answer questions? i suppose so...
538. Are you getting annoyed with this survey? only by the bad grammar :P
539. If you are, are you gonna delete questions off of the bottom cuz ur bored? nope. (however, i rest my case...)
540. Whats your favorite kind of tree? bonsai. never really thought about it...
541. When you look at a person with lime green tights on, whats the first thing that comes to your head? want some! followed by: want legs thin enough to make them look good!

and, of course, now i've run out of words. :) final bit coming next.
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