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i did an entry whilst at uni but it didn't post it. i think i can vaguely remember what it was about - having watched "the green mile" (wonderful film...) i was still lying awake at 4.00am, and am now running on about three hours sleep. this is not a good thing. i am, however, amazingly not tired...

oh, and wonder of wonders - david brottman let us out of picturing books half an hour early, because we were all dying from heat exhaustion...

that's about it. the other one was better...

Today's Quote: "Why, dey's like angels. Angels from God's own heaven..." (which is probably a mis-quote; it's close enough) - John (can't spell his surname...) in "The Green Mile", whilst watching Fred Astaire and, I assume, Ginger Rogers although someone is bound to correct me if I'm wrong, in "Top Hat" (And if anyone'll know, then I'm betting on either igneouskitten or sweeterthing...)
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