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*listening to 'cats'*

in preparation for saturday, and as a sort of indication of what i'm going to be like (it's not looking good, guys. memory made me cry...)

anyway, whilst actually listening to it, in one of the more choral pieces (skimbleshanks, to be precise, which is sung mostly by the kittens - electra, etcetera, and jemima, and rumpleteazer singing the main part.) now, bonnie langford as rumpleteazer has a very distinctively squeaky voice, and she leads the song. sarah brightman (this is pre-phantom and back when she was getting a part in sodding everything lloyd webber did) is playing jemima. and you can bloody hear her. over everyone else, she's this really pure soprano. it's scary as hell...

and when i've finished the plot thingy for eve, i'm going to add things to my "cats and me" page and put what i love about it...
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