September 20th, 2001

Photo - leaves


I saw a dead pigeon earlier.

Just lying there on the pavement.

A trickle of blood under its head. Looked fake at first.

One eye open.

A "Well, this is it, then" look on its face.

I don't know how it died. I don't think it was hit by a car. I think it just fell out of the sky.

Dead pigeons... hmm.
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Photo - leaves

This is a story about FREEDOM

That's what it says in the top right hand corner of my screen. And in the background, is a lovely, gothic, dark picture of Paris, with a windmill standing lopsided in the center. Covered in sparkly lights... and upon that windmill, in round neon bulbs, hangs the words...


I have a "Moulin Rouge" desktop wallpaper and screensaver. I do believe I'm just a tad obsessed.

Everyone, and I mean everyone must see this movie. Musical cinema... wow. I believe I said at the time, in a moment of sublime hyperactiveness after seeing it for the first time, "That was the most frelling beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life!" Over the top, a little, but true, nonetheless.

Long live musical cinema! It's a dying breed in and of itself, musicals nowadays confined to the West End and Broadway where no-one can afford to see them, let alone enjoy them. At least in a cinema, it's affordable, and it'll eventually come out on video.

Not to belittle the theatre experience, of course. There's nothing quite like that moment when the lights dim for the first time, and everything goes silent (well, in the old days, it did... nowadays people carry on talking regardless...) and you know it's about to start, and that you're in for one hell of an emotional ride...

I will resist the urge to turn this into yet another rant about antonio banderas. That wans't the reason I wrote this. At some other point in time, when something or other to do with that pisses me off, I will do.

But "Moulin Rouge"... is beautiful...
Photo - leaves


I keep coming up with very bizarre thoughts... it's probably better if I don't share...

Today was a strange day, I don't know why, it was just strange. I was wandering around in a half-daze. Maybe I should really get more sleep....

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