September 22nd, 2001

Photo - leaves

11.11! I like times like that!

Like the time it was 13.13 on the 13th on our receipt from Burger King.

Numbers :) Wheeee!

I have to go home. Well, I don't have to, I just feel the need to. We have a new cat. His name is Misto and he's black.

And from the stories I've heard, he sounds like a handful.

So I am going home with my camera to meet the new kitty cat. Then there will be pictures on my website, if I get access to a scanner.

Therefore I will most likely be posting next from home... probably with a cat on my head.
Photo - leaves

Parisian Madness!

I have now "Moulin Rouge"-ed both my own and my mother's computers... all that's left it to install the CD ripper and make sounds as well...

Go to aforementioned site for pictures, backgrounds, screensavers, and MPegs that keep crashing my computer, but I think that might be a problem with my system rather than the site.

If anyone gets them to work, please inform me...
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    Because We Can - Fatboy Slim - "Moulin Rouge" soundtrack :)
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Photo - leaves


I follow the night

Can't stand the light...

When will I begin

To live again?

One day I'll fly away...

Leave all this to yesterday...

What more could your love do for me?

When will love be through with me?

Why live life from dream to dream

And dread the day




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