September 25th, 2001

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Random thought...

Just how adorable is "Bob and Rose"?

The trailers for the upcoming episodes never fail to make me squeal. I haven't squealed, not properly, since about Season 6 of "The X-Files" (i.e. the one before it all went strange), or since "The Nanny" was still being shown on Sky One.

"Bob and Rose"! More to the point, Alan Davies! Playing a gay man (it SO doesn't work, though... he just doesn't have the look or the voice for it even though he plays the character well...) - what is it with me and gay men??


When this comes around again (say in about 15 years...) I am taping it, definitely...

And, finally... he giggled!! Alan giggled... *SQUEAL!!!*
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Freshers' Fair - aka Hell on Earth.

People looking at the sign reading 'Choir' as if we don't have a right to exist... the Secretary of the society itself complaining that the sign shouldn't read "choir" at all, that it should read "chorus"... General ick-fest all day long...

However, we did manage to sign up 20 people :)

And, oh God, said secretary is in charge of the stall for a good two hours, By Himself, tomorrow... I am leaving instructions for him, I think.

And if the Chaplaincy lady thinks we're performing on 10th October, she's got another think coming!!
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Twice as nice the second time.

Just saw 'that' film again. I'm sure you know which one.

This time I could hear the singing over the music, making the harmonies and the words even better. All around me in the last 10 minutes, all I could hear was sniffling and sobbing. And as the credits rolled, (and one day I'll manage to see them all the way through, probably when I get it on video) there was about 2 whole minutes of silence while everybody regained their composure...

This is Cinema.

I think I've rambled enough for the moment. Addiction satisfied for a while at least :)
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Frighteningly addicted...

Someone take this frelling CD off me!!!!!!!

This is the 20th time of "Come What May", at least.... I have a feeling my singing is only going to irritate people after a time.
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