September 27th, 2001

Photo - leaves

Well it's not "Moulin Rouge"...

... but it's still Paris.

"Phantom" is back.

Something very curious occured yesterday. When I got home, they had changed all the chairs... My nasty creaky uncomfortable metal thing was replaced by a nice brand new plastic thing (like the one Mrs Evers broke years ago...)

I should really update my site. However, I did manage to do something. And to those unfamiliar, or blind, or forgetful, I changed all my lil headings to keep with the starship theme. (Yes, The Mekong is a starship. Actually, it's a cargo ship taking supplies between Bajor and Deep Space 9... like you care. Read "Minh", if I ever get it up, it explains a lot...)

Anyways.... I in pain. As Clare might put it, "I hate being a girl..."