October 2nd, 2001

Photo - leaves

*silently screaming*

i. am. pissed. off.

was depressed. now pissed off.

i had posted a very long rant about the first chorus rehearsal and the grand total of four members who turned up, and how i was ready to quit, etc, but my connection took it upon itself to not connect me to the 'update confirmed' page and has thus deleted the whole thing.

so i'm pissed off.

but at least you're not all being subjected to my random depressiveness again.

i want to talk to katie but she's not frelling online. and hasn't emailed yet... but she's probably busy. damn these time zones, damn them, i say

so... yes. i will go now.

incidentally, if anyone would like to join chorus, let me know. i'm sure we can persuade the student union that you are all derby students somehow...