October 17th, 2001

Photo - leaves

on the plus side... :)

i have a new computer.

except my printer is now broken. this could be because of a number of factors:

1. i dropped it on its side earlier and it landed with a *crunch*

2. i just managed to spill cotton buds inside it. i pulled three of them out of the paper feeder, but it's still playing up. i think it's trying to print on the one that's left in there...

3. the printer is too old for the system. i had this problem at home. canon bjc-150 printers do not like windows 98. or possibly the other way around.

4. the printer is just, basically, crap.

anyway, other than that, lovely new computer system yay! *huggles computer* and i've already forgotten the old one, poor little sod that it was :)

so, just got to reinstall everything and i'm done...

and i'm back... in case you hadn't noticed :)