October 19th, 2001

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random midnight insanity...

last night, me and doec accidentally wrote a farscape fic.

i recreate the conversation and said fic here for your enjoyment :)

Doec8: ooh ooh! guess who can make muffins in her toaster oven!
teylamina: um.... B'elanna?
teylamina: Aeryn?
teylamina: No, no, I know! D'Argo!
Doec8: LOL!
teylamina: *shrug*
Doec8: *imagines him with a big flowery apron on making muffins*
Doec8: *falls over laughing like I'm about to die*
teylamina: Hehe, I was having the exact same imge...
Doec8: Yes, D'Argo makes muffins for everyone on Moya, as he always has done
teylamina: D'ARGO: Ah, John, my friend... I've been cooking!
JOHN: (fearing for his life.., looks around...) Rygel? Yo, Rygel?
D'ARGO:(punches his arm, he winces.) No, silly! Look! (Shoves tray of cookies at his face.)
JOHN: What have you done with D'Argo, Scorpy?
Doec8: LOL!
teylamina: (Aeryn comes in...)
Doec8: are you making this up right before my very eyes?
teylamina: JOHN: Aeryn, quick, gimme your pulse rifle!
teylamina: (Yes!)
Doec8: cool!
Doec8: go on, this is funny!
teylamina: JOHN: D'Argo's possessed!
AERYN: (gives him her 'you-re-insane' look) Possessed?
D'ARGO: (waves a hand nonchalantly) I'm not possessed. Now call Chiana and get everyone to meet in Pilot's Chamber... I made us all munchies!
Doec8: LOL!
teylamina: JOHN: (Over comms.) Chiana? What the hell did you do to D'Argo?
CHIANA: Huh? Nothing! Why? Who told you?
Doec8: LOL!
teylamina: AERYN: (in comms.) Zhaan. Get your blue backside out of that meditation and come and help us! D'Argo's gone farbot!
Doec8: hehehe
teylamina: ZHAAN: Fear not, my child... I told him to focus his hyperrage into something productive...
Doec8: *imagines Pilot violently shoving cookies in his face*
teylamina: PILOT: Moya does not think this behaviour is normal and wishes it to desist... however, these are quite delicious...
teylamina: MOYA:(thought) My waistline! I'll look like a frelling PK marauder!
Doec8: (Moya throws up into space)
teylamina: TALYN: Ewww, mom!

*bows* thank you, thank you.

incidentally, i'm going to turn it into a real fic and submit it to fanfiction.net :)
Photo - leaves


looking at the user pictures on lloyd's friends list, there are *far* too many tim burton fans on here...

myself included, obviously.
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