October 21st, 2001

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random "voyager" thought. i'm a geek. so shoot me.

warning!! spoilers for the season 7 finale "endgame" contained within! do not read if you want to remain 'pure' like i did... end of warning. you may read on...

in relation to the seven/chakotay/doctor/janeway whole big ol' love quadrangle thing...

oh... god... i've just utterly forgotten what i was going to say... how incredibly irritating!

well, i'll put it up later if it comes back. that was gonna be a really good theory too... bugger!
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i remembered!

actually, it was more in relation to the 7/d-ers and the j/c-ers (yes, us sad, pathetic shippers, don't you just love us..?)

and it wasn't as interesting as i thought...

what i was going to say was this: when the whole disgusting evil travesty of c/7 came to pass, the j/c-ers and the d/7-ers were irate at berman and braga (the writers) for ruining our dreams. here's the interesting thing: the j/c-ers started hating seven, because from their point of view, she'd messed up the j/c relationship. the d/7-ers, on the other hand, hated chakotay for the same reason.


what of the minority of us (like me and katie) who are j/c-ers AND d/7-ers? well... we still hated chakotay, curiously enough. it's horrible being a shipper when one half of the 'ship in question is the object of one's hatred and loathing.

through all this, everyone still hated neelix :)

okay, that was soooo boring! it just begged to be written down though, since, as i have already proven, i'm bound to forget it later. i just thought it was quite interesting how the 'bad guy' of the situation changed depending on the fans... and it mainly ended up as chuckles :) i'm sorry, but somehow, seeing as how the whole thing Was Neelix's Fault, i find it difficult to lay any blame on seven for it. it was neelix who got it off the ground, and chakotay who followed it through.

and the poor doc got sent through an emotional mincer all season... and, okay, so janeway almost turned into her bitter older self 30 years early, and didn't seem to care about anything but getting the ship out of things unscathed no matter who she upset along the way, but that's the writers' faults. and they shall be killed presently.

okay, sad geeky voyager rant over. there's plenty more of them here, for your enjoyment...

and i have a new printer! woo!

and it is huge :)

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damnit, why do i get the urge to burst into tears whenever i hear the theme to "last of the summer wine"?

it was 2 frelling years ago! i should get over it!


i'm going to kill mr yeo for making us sing that...
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crystal just mentioned latin gcse lessons a few hours ago. and started me off on a huge memory rampage...


the way every room had it's own particular smell. how after seven years you never even notice, and then by the end of upper sixth i was smelling them again.

the mural in the music room. how the old caretake mr smith wanted to paint over it and mrs geoghagen vehemently refused... old music lessons, singing the cancan, reading out the decorative "o0o" when we were supposed to be singing hymns... mr yeo's impression of miss insch...

junior choir. mrs swallow's scary singing.

senior choir/chamber choir - the concerts, staying in school messing around, singing the theme to friends with jen in the playroom, watching crap in the classrooms, mr yeo making me do menial tasks when i was meant to be revising psychology (and me stupidly doing it anyway)... wednesday evenings with naomi. spike and his antics....

the quartet. oh how i wish we'd had more performances... christmas, surprising my mum by appearing with mr yeo and mr parry as well as clare... so little rehearsing and managing to pull it together. april and "summer wine" (see previous entry) - finally getting that top A all by myself, hugging rachel afterwards, so sodding proud of myself, and no-one was there but her... no-one... my dear, wonderful friends... and mr parry calling hattiret 'babe'...

sci-fi club. so many memories. too many to list.

the 834. seven years worth of bus-worthy insanity, red dwarf carols, annoying the elders and the youngers... the four of us, always four... me, aisha, gemma, alison... me, jen, clare, aisha. always me and aisha. always melanie being quiet behind us... always the same seats, though different every year. alison's 'stationary' weeks...

so many memories... so many different friends, changing with the years... salma and zeenat, then manvinder, then josi, then finally the stayers - crystal, and naomi, and all of you. all of you still around. all of you different.

and lessons. people in lessons. being stupid in chemisty. fearing the wrath of miss smith in latin. laughing at mrs. gregory. never listening to mr. horton. mrs. porter and her eddie izzard fixation. tormenting mr. yeo, constantly. miss insch and her red addiction. mrs lewis being so odd. mrs. griffiths and her 'sort of's.

lunchtimes. with vickie and carina. with gemma and aisha and alison, making corn circles where the common room now stands. in the computer room with jen and crystal being very unproductive. winpopup-mania. clare and the hwne-mail. in the common room, randomly trailing between my area, vickie's area, lorna's, clare's, for two hours.

and there's the little things...

red thread. my 18th. halloweens past. pool. running for the hatch whenever it opened. giving crystal piano lessons. "singing in the rain". being around you all, everyone together.

random images bringing other images, memories in a long chain of history. seven long years of good times and bad coming unbidden to my brain, and nostalgia so deep i could drown in it.

i miss you all...
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