October 23rd, 2001

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something i have decided in my insanity!

darnit, i missed the 20th anniversary of "cats" in london. okay, not like i could have afforded to see it anyway. (i know, everyone hates it. well, i like it, so :P to all the "cats"-haters) still, it would have been nice. it would have been BETTER than nice! people off the video were there! more to the point, GOOD LOOKING people off the video were there! (ahem, guess who just stumbled onto a fansite...?) and people all dressed up, and and and and...

okay, breathe in. it will become the next rocky horror, costume-wise, at this rate! my "cats" goal is to have front row (revolving-with-the-stage) seats at the new london theatre. add to that goal the fact that i will now, without a shadow of a doubt, be seeing it on its 25th anniversary, or it's 30th, in costume, and i WILL HAVE front row seats. and my costume will be the best costume there ever was, and i will, by then, have learnt every dance move (i already know all the songs, no problem there), and... well, i'm sure you can all tell where i'm going with this.

i don't know why it bothers me so much that i missed it though...

and, whenever i see it, i'm going to figure out how to get backstage (hehe, i know, it didn't work at rocky cos the security guard spotted us, but he left 5 minutes later! what the hell were we thinking?!)

i've been backstage before, but that was in birmingham and the only person i got to meet was like the technical dude who controlled the fire curtain, so... it's not quite the same thing... although victoria did smile at me on the stairs, and i did see the wigs and the giant boot and the growltiger backdrop and things... still, it wasn't as good as it could have been.

i shall hold myself to this goal. wish me luck people!

and it SUCKS that i missed the 20th anniversary!

(addendum 24/02/02: re-reading old posts is always very strange... i can't help but feel i jinxed it....)
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