October 31st, 2001

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the analysis of "cats" is a difficult matter...

hurrah! we did our poetry presentation on t.s.eliot today :) and it went remarkably well. maggie liked my little section on "cats" and we actually managed to sound coherent.

except, i have an essay to do in a week which i knew nothing about, but hey...


blah blah...

oh, clare, i have sent you another letter, complete with surprise, and it should be with you shortly.

i will have photos of saturday on saturday... weird, huh ;)

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Photo - leaves


halloween spirit?

frell that.

i was going to go out like last year. i was completely psyched to do so. but then i realised i was actually quite comfortable here. if dee had called before six o clock, then possibly, i would have gone out. but she has not yet called. and i can't be bothered.

i'm caught in this bizarre paradox now...

/ - i want to wear my witchy outfit again (albeit a different dress)
\ - i can't be arsed to get all dressed up again, do the makeup, etc...

/ - i like halloween and have made this fact increasingly obvious all day
\ - it's frelling freezing out there!

/ - i have bought a broom especially for the occasion
\ - it only cost me a quid and it will keep til next year

/ - i feel incredibly antisocial
\ - i am incredibly antisocial

/ - i half-promised i'd go
\ - i didn't completely promise. besides, we didn't actually organise it properly.

i have unplugged the phone, not bothered with chorus tonight pretending to be out for halloween stuff, and settled down with my favourite fanfic archive. happy frelling halloween...

my entire upper body feels like it's fallen into my stomach and i hate it when that happens... grrr. hormones. hormones bad... :(
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tee hee

we have just discovered that my computer completely frells the signal of itv in the entire lodge!

how cool is that?!

of course, now the drawback is that i have to turn it off at 9.45 so they can all watch coronation street :)

tee hee.

i shall have to phone pc-x tomorrow and find out what kind of emissions are being emitted from my new computer...
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right, several things:

1) it is definitely my computer that is causing the problems. we have narrowed it down to the processor by a process of elimination (i.e. unplug stuff to see if it has any effect)

2) i have to go to pc-xchange tomorrow to see if they can do anything. however, if i am charged £15.00 for them to send someone out and just say "don't use the computer", i will not be pleased...

3) i am stopping chorus. jenny informed me nobody came tonight and it's obvious that if people don't want to join, we can't make them. therefore i will be going to grovel at u.d.s.u tomorrow also.

have gone from being mildly amused to mildly frelled off...

however, it gave me time to clean my room :)