November 3rd, 2001

Photo - leaves


i got them this afternoon. just about to check the CD and upload them to my site, which i will link to save htmling them all over again.

my day:
aims - to collect photos, but the new nicole kidman/robbie williams single (i'm sad, so kill me) and the pokemon 3 movie on video (see above.)

achieved - collected photos. went to hmv to look for other things. came out with - 1 dangermouse poster, the single of "come what may" (very cool, it has the backing track of the medley!!!), 3 videos for £20 (i got "cats", "the sound of music" and "the king and i"). then i went to virgin to look for same said video and single - came out with 5 blank tapes. als banged my head VERY hard on the ceiling part way up the stairs in hmv. ouch :(

mission partially accomplished... i now have two copies of cats, one with the bbc documentary on the end :)

now very overdrawn. i think i'll phone my dad, it's about time he sent me some money.

anyway, will now start uploading photos.
Photo - leaves

right, here we go...

here's the first batch. this is a mere selection, and if anyone wants to see more, email me and i'll send them. (specifically, the few that got taken in the garden when helen took the camera outside...)

be warned, it's quite picture-heavy (obviously), so either hit refresh a load of times, or just be patient...