November 5th, 2001

Photo - leaves


damn, i SO should be doing my poetry essay. my head hurts... possibly from where i hit it on the ceiling in hmv on saturday... but, no, that was the other side.

headache :(

and... traci (the mini-me) wants me to write her creative writing coursework (i agreed after much negotiating and a reward i was satisfied with)... i am suddenly inspired, but i don't think her teacher will like it much... ah, well, i'll send it to her anyway.

but... no... essay. must do essay.

will do essay tonight. plenty of time :)
Photo - leaves



HOW cool? i like a show that doesn't beat around the bush... and you just KNOW something's going to go hideously wrong very very soon... (in fact, i DO know thanks to t.g.u.t. hehe. prepare for angst, all ye who watch to the end of the season.

so, yeah, farscape made me a happy lil bajoran :)

then i watched the "cats" video (well, the bbc documentary thingy on the end anyway...) and ended up depressed about not being able to dance, again. (why, damnit? why am i completely incapable of moving gracefully?)