November 6th, 2001

Photo - leaves


original birmingham premiere of "the x-files" movie: august 21st 1998, 10.10am.

i.t.v. premiere of "the x-files" movie: november 10th 2001, 9.00pm (with the news in the middle, of course *sigh*)

making it precisely 4 years, 2 months, 20 days, 10 hours and 50 minutes between the two.

well, they got there eventually... but, um, bbc has the series, why does itv have the film? weird...
Photo - leaves

stolen off sarra...

What is your favourite flower?
red roses, white roses, pansies, orchids, and this absolutely gorgeous flower in kefalonia, dark blue and grows all over everything in sight like a carpet...

What is your earliest memory?
hmm, tough one... pointing into the kitchen drawer wanting chocolate, aged... oh... about 3 or 4...

What do you most like to touch?
piano, proper music books (hardbound), the keyboard, pens... weird question...

Name three sounds that make you shiver.
michael crawford's "music of the night", orchestras tuning up, choral harmonies in big echoe-y cathedrals...

What is your favourite sandwich?
tuna mayo baguette

Name seven words you like to say:
tincture, frell, tralk, rah, woo, bleurgh, (anything in french)

What were your childhood pets?
a rabbit called buzzer that ran away, a dog called goldy that died, another dog called cherry (named after my dad's cat) who we had to get rid of because she was too bouncy, two cats - crystal (my dad ran her over) and bagpuss (got stolen), two kittens, rosy and rumpleteazer, and... multiple fish and rodents. if we include my grandmother's house - several pekingnese dogs and many many cats. we don't have much luck with pets. and, i suppose, paws, as well...

Three adjectives that describe you:
confused, head-frelled, complex

If you were an 'inanimate' object, name three objects you might be:
a cushion, a blade of grass, a fountain pen

Musical instrument that feels like the colour silver to you:
the really REALLY pointless high notes on a piano

Musical instrument that feels like autumn:

Fabrics you like to touch:
satin, silk, velvet

Fabrics you like to wear:
velvet, corduroy, silk, lace

Favourite weather:
snow, rain, dusk

Describe your penmanship:
messy, sometimes italic, sometimes not, long tails of letters, dots of i's in all the wrong places, often on the other side of the line...

Tell me something nasty about yourself:
i get jealous over really pointless, trivial things

What do you wish you could buy right now?
tickets to everything in london, a bottle of coke...

Show me something, anything, in detail:
my necklace. silver. very long thin chain. the ornament is 3cm by 1cm, in the traditional shape of an egyptian kartouche. my name is in heiroglyphs on it - at the top, an eye, beneath that, a foot and a reed, below that, another reed, and a basket, and at the bottom, an albatross (or some bird...)

i'm so boooooooooooooored.

but at least i finished my essay :)

and FUNNY repeat of voyager on right now :) the doctor and doctor zimmerman, and, as deanna troi so nicely puts it "you're BOTH jerks!" robert picardo never gets any less scary :)

ho-hum. i miss new episodes. well, i miss GOOD new episodes.... damn berman and braga to klingon hell...
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