November 13th, 2001

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"everything you wanted to know about scorpius, but SO didn't want to ask..."

the phantom of the uncharted territories?

nope, i'm wrong, just scorpius and his pet crichton...

t.g.u.t were right! (see subject) lotsa information abour our favourite half-breed, including some stuff we really didn't need to see... first, though, a few things i would like to share in my slow decline into total geekdom...

~lieutenant braca has got to be the most irritating person alive after jool. he must be terminated immediately. and ha! to the fact that he burnt his fingers on scorpius' very non-cold cooling rod!

~if they ever make a movie of susan kay's "phantom" book (and they SO should... i could direct :D), then the 12-year-old scorpy makeup would be the exact effect they're looking for (minus nose, and with darker hair) bravo to the makeup dudes, again :)

~i *gulp* sympathised with, and even cheered on, scorpius! when he stabbed the scarran lady in the eyeballs, i was rooting for him, seriously...

~farscape/POTO parallels... what with stark and his half-mask (and his... *ahem* slighty deranged behaviour...) and now the abused and abandoned little-scorpy... and i guess that explains the attitude...

~he's rather like the anti-erik... in a way... i'll back that up when i know what the frell it means...

~ew. scarran-rape. not nice

~and i want the blue hair. i do. mine will look something like that if it ever grows out.

~nasty decomposition of tissue on the other alien lady... nassssty...

i think that everything.

now... other things. i will get more loan after christmas (yay). i have already decided what to waste it on:

~a webcam (hopefully)
~tickets to sunset boulevard
~(hopefully) tickets to phantom in london. still unsure of this
~various birthday presents
~a ticket to southampton - a) to see rachel (if she'll have me) and b) to see my mini-me! i'm finally going to organise a visit (if she can tear herself off her boyfriend, that is...)
~doubtless plenty of clothes/shoes/things i don't need
~a selection of videos including "hannibal" if i don't already have it.

and now, something else, re: xmas presents.

i cannot afford to buy anything, being £260 overdrawn and not getting any more money til january (and having been conveniently forgotten by my male parental body, the bastard), however - traci will be getting something (probably a necklace) just because i know she's sending me something. katie will get an online something (probably that english/american dictionary i've been promising so long) and naomi will get her bottle of buttercup syrup and a selection of tapes...

everyone else will have to make do with my good will and heartfelt apologies. :) just so you all know.

all done.

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productive. instead of upgrading to version 2, i have merely added the following:

this is what happens when i am computerless for 5 days. i start to go sane, and get web-builidng withdrawal...

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html war...


why do i keep trying to be clever and modifying my journal..?

i have now managed to find the correct code for my comments thing and saved naomi confusion by getting them under the appropriate boxes instead of above.

i've decided i like confusing naomi :P

i have managed to change my journal font (depending on whether your computers all support the perpetua font...) but for some idiotic reason all my frelling links are still coming out as verdana!!!!!

this is most infuriating!! someone help? please???

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less html wars.

still having the stupid link problem...

but have established it is actually possible to create my webpage and make it all nice and pretty. it'll be a HUGE job though... (i've found some wonderful pictures on corel photo house of offices that just ARE the mekong... there's even a hotel corridor with "M" on the carpet!!)

LOOK at my little experiment (you'll need to scroll down to see it, i'm still practicing. click on the brown door to be taken to my about me page...)

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right... so i went to my audition.

everyone was lovely and i was feeling less nervous and very psyched to do the audition. they led us to the soprano section and left us there to sing along (i think we are the only young people there... how frightening.) my mouth hurts from smiling....

we have to go back next week, 7.05 for our actual auditions. so now at least i can plan properly and prepare something. i just cannot decide what to do... your feedback on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

i have in my possession, the following scores...

all of the main songs of les mis. i can sing:
i dreamed a dream
castle on a cloud
on my own

all of phantom. i can sing:
think of me
wishing you were somehow here again

gus the theatre cat (but that's really a duet...)

tell me on a sunday:
tell me on a sunday
take that look off your face

as long as he needs me

and various weird chorus-y things.

jenny has all this and more, including lloyd webber's "pie jesu" (i prefer the faure, but i don't have a copy.)

your thoughts? i've got til tuesday, so... let me know, please :)
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web building.

operation "revamp the mekong" is now in process. i KNEW it was going to be a long job and i wasn't wrong. but i'll get there, eventually.

for now, if you use my usual address, you will be taken to a brand spanking new index page :) (if you wish to view the old one, simply put "oldindex.html" after the "rantings" part.)