November 18th, 2001

Photo - leaves

my usual incoherent ramblings...

last night i spent a glorious two hours in the the deep south of 1950s america. last night, i cried twice. last night, i saw "whistle down the wind".

frelling good show, that. good songs throughout, good set, good cast (bloody good cast, the lead female did a ba(hons) in law before training in theatre studies - see, it is possible to get into something without 15 years training...), good music, and good seats, which always helps. the opening song made me tingly all over :) and the lead male was excellent. he could be valjean easily. anyone who can reduce me to tears in 5 minutes has talent (in a good way, i mean...)

however, there were two brats sitting in front of us, one of whom just had no ability whatsoever to sit still for more than five minutes. theatre just isn't what it used to be - there was a time when everyone would goddamn shut up when the lights dimmed, but those days are gone, and it took the opening chord to get everyone to be quiet, and still there were people chatting behind us. and then, there's always that one brief minute when i'm sitting there thinking it's just not fair, damnit. i should be up there, i want to be up there on that stage. i yearn too much and it hurts, but being the queen of the procrastinators means i'll never get there. *sigh* and then it's over, back to reality. i hate that part the most.

and, by the way, the hippodrome is nasty now they've refurbished it. it doesn't even resemble a theatre any more. it looks like an office block or something. and, idiot people that they are, they closed the merchandise store after the show when i wanted to go back to get stuff. at least they kept the auditorium intact, which is something, they just changed the carpet.

and then, i get back to uni, and the first thing that's said to me is "i have a favour to ask - can you please remember to get rid of your breadcrumbs off the counter?". no "how was your weekend?" or "how was the show?"

i think i'll just sodding well move out...

anyway, i also managed to buy my may ball dress, now i have to go home again next weekend to buy the boots to go with it. it's a red skirt under black mesh with a fitted strapless top. and, somehow, i got into the size 10...